Dungeon Siege Legendary Pack is a modification which allows playing the original Dungeon Siege and its expansion pack, Legends of Aranna using the enhanced Dungeon Siege 2 engine. The mod requires that the original games are installed prior to setup as original assets and maps have to be converted in order for them to be playable in Dungeon Siege 2. Setup will abort if the original games aren't detected prior to installation. About 1Gb of free HDD space will be required to install all 4 maps.

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A brilliant work, almost no bug...immersive, and the DS2 engine is very well for the DS1 campaign. Keep up the good work lads !

NB: some things are borken ...impossible to talke to Ulana or Gyorn, some interactions with objects dont work...so sad.


Incredible Idea!

Seems good mod.


Incredible mod, I've always wanted to replay the first game given how vast and varied the content was but it hasn't aged as well as the combat and game-play from dungeon siege 2.

Really easy to install, just install both games and run the mod installer.

Enjoy the classes and polish of dungeon siege 2 gameplay in with all the content added into the mix :).


I loved first Dungeon Siege and really enjoyed second game, so when I heard of DS II Legendary Mod I took it for granted that it's 'must have' mod. And I was not disappointed.

This makes the first game even funner and more comfortable, with all the teleporting back to town and gotta love the improved graphics/updated monsters. I am madly impressed by the efforts here :)

Bringing back the old legendary dungeon siege to this game is awesome!! Time to smash some Krug out there XD


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