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Here I`ll write the things I`ve done already.

16.02.21 I added Extended magazines upgrade for 275 weapons in Anomaly 1.5.1 + Boomsticks and Sharpsticks with translations on Russian and English.

17.02.21 I made this upgrade for default Anomaly version.

18.02.21 Added Position and View 1.9.4 by ЦЕМЕНТ for both versions, fixed many mistakes and crashes.

19.02.21 Adaptation of my addons for new version Boomsticks and Sharpsticks, fixes and new icons for it. Adaptation of Blindside's Weapon Reanimation Repositioned for my addons.

20.02.21 New version of my modpack, many fixes and updates.

21.02.21 New version of my modpack, most best addons are now added!

22.02.21 Some fixes, new links for downloading modpack, few addons added to a new version and now testing.

23.02.21 New version of my modpack, many addons added, some addons which some people don`t like are moved to MODS folder for manual installation.

24.02.21 Two new addons-fixes and a torrent version for modpack!

25.02.21 My happy birthday, chillout.

26.02.21 Revisions for A.R.E.A. 1.1618, some new fixes for modpack on Anomaly.

27.02.21 Major fix for modpack (.ogf crash) and new torrent version.

28.02.21 Some feedback collected, update of Aggressor grass installed and testing now. Also new fix.

1.03.21 Modpack v1.33 release, 3 links.

2.03.21 Was working in country house.

3.03.21 Modpack v1.34 release.

4.03.21 Some fixes, revisions for A.R.E.A. 1.1619.

5.03.21 Modpack v1.4 release. Added new Boomstick patch, updated all addons, new pistol ammo icons. New torrent for modpack.

4.03.21 Some addons was cut rom modpack, new version 1.41 because of it. Also few new fixes.

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