Creator of The Third Tiberium War, IRC Bot called Boty, Tiberian Dawn 2, YR Crazy Ivan, Mutant Co-Op for Renegade, etc. I most play C&C and other games.

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A new version is in the works ;-)
It has been more than 6 years since last release. More information soon. You can follow me on social sites like Twitter @slaromaster or my daily/weekly streams on

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Why not for 2016? ;p

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Hello, huge sorry for the huge delay, the mod isn't abandoned.

If I can get some people interested in continuing this game in the next couple of weeks, I will come back with a final status for this game. I'm currently busy with a lot of things, but I will try my best to make time for TTW too.

Do not expect miracles, but expect the mod to be playable at least!

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I also like Nod and watch MLP, I don't call myself a brony ;p

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Because is a well made cartoon, not like other. Plus, is made by Lauren Faust who did The Powerpuff girls and Foster Home for imaginary friends, also the story is well written. Who said is made 'only' for children? If you watch the show for few episodes, you will probably understand, if not, is fine, everyone's different.

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And you boil in it.

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If someone wants to see how our harvester does the unload :P

*must laugh if not I will kill you with Juggernaut!!*

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Takes a lot because of problems that sits in our target.

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We did some testing on up coming release.

More details on next blog.

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we're not sure, If Nod Obelisk have interior, then GDI Sonic Emitter will require one too.

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blame Renegade engine, but looks fine, we can't use shaders in ren..

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You can't play campaign or tutorial yet. Just wait for next Beta version who will probably come at end of June this year.

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look up them on your computer propitiates or on dxdiag, google those up and send a pm with them to me so i can get a solution.

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Did you have latest DirectX? tell me what specifications and windows you use to run it.

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In next blog post (at end of this week), we will try clarify about Scrin, currently we are discussing.

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The problem with changing Internet connection it can be TT's bug. About online servers, we are working on adding new stuff, when we have enough stuff for servers, we will host them and also let others to do so. ;)

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actually is not bighead, is tall head :P

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The soldiers are not on BETA 3, you should wait for BETA 4, the campaign with come too as a preview in Beta 4.

If you want to be a tester, send me a pm

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sad face ;p

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we want to change TTW's name into something else. help select a new name or keep current one.

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Nice :P, Beta, i wish i could stay more last night so i could see it too :p

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we have not decided yet. Probably like is on C&C 3.

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Yes, you will can play death-match with AI. Thanks, we will try get more updates soon.

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The servers are not online yet. We will do a announce when we will open them to public. We are sorry for the delay. We will get some new screen shoots and concepts in March of 2013, so track it and enjoy :)

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the mod is not dead, we are in delay, we will get TTW back soon.

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Thanks. I know is much after Christmas, but i was not here most :P

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yes are offline, we are trying to get stuff back online soon. We are working on.

ps: is not a mod :P, we will move to IndieDB soon after this beta.

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found 2 bugs. 1. some tanks get other paths. 2. The last boss is neutral. The map is nice but last bug ruined it :(

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bugged map..

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