Creator of The Third Tiberium War, IRC Bot called Boty, Tiberian Dawn 2, YR Crazy Ivan, Mutant Co-Op for Renegade, etc. I most play C&C and other games.

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The Third Tiberium Mod Blog 1 comment

i'm producer of TTW mod created by Tiberium Studios and Sla Company. We will release it when will be done ;) , the progress is very fast..

Description of mod:
The Third Tiberium War (shorten TTW) is a total conversion of C&C Renegade, created by Tiberium Studios. TTW takes place in C&C 3 time-line, where you can play as GDI or Nod in C&C 3 style with Renegade's elements. You can use C&C3's most powerful weapons like Scorpion Tank, Predator Battle Tank, Sonic Tanks, all those in one great war.

here on moddb i got it posted

I'm a cnc renegade player Blog

i like to play and make maps/mods for Command & Conquer Renegade :) , is a cool fps strategy & tactics game, placed on tiberium era. Seeing C&C on a hole new vision is really cool. All you need is a team and a good teamplay to win. Place beacons, repair base, rush, destroy tanks, snipe, kill players, stay afk... lol and other more on C&C Renegade :) , i hope will be back and with over 1k-2k players everyday

Sla's Mods, "i have more mods then i posted" Blog

if you don't know, me i have more mods projects started on "secret" (if somebody want to know about what is, you can question me on irc where i talk all days :P ) , Tiberian Dawn 2 , Sla Mod YR and CrazyIvan is our released mods, but we work on other mods on this time like our new mod "Front Commander", but we don't release it only when we decide to continue and finish this mods :) , some of my mods are very littles , i don't make only mods :P , i make softwares, maps, music (with special software) and i host servers (sometimes) .
If you questioning why i selected Moddb for posting my mods, i selected Moddb for some very important reasons like here is the biggest Mods developers site ever existed (is a special site for modders), many people, many mods and very cool design of the site and other more
If you questioning why i try to grow a comunity, me i try to grow a community for some one reason: i want a cool clan community open for everyone.
Remember to Join Sla Company :) on our webiste

YR MDK announced Blog

we announce Yuri's Revenge - Mod Development Kit with this program you can create mods, maps and graphics for YR, more informations is on , this software is an all in one kit, all you need for make an YR Mod, is using the Win7 Style

More Informations SOON ...

New Mods In Future ! by Sla Company Blog

Sla Company work on new mods, like CrazyIvan Reloaded, CNC Tiberian Dawn 2 (expasions Kane's Revenge, Tiberium Power) , Dead Town Escapade (sp and arena ver) and Hittler Must Be Dead (sp and arena game). All those are only some rumors, but maybe we will finish those in future with yours help.

Crazy Ivan Reloaded is a Expasion of Crazy ivan (new ver. 0.31), this expasion will get new units and new futures for using those ingamea to make more and more fun.

CNC Tiberian Dawn 2, this is a mod for YR , will have 2 teams, GDI and NOD (the third will be on the expasion with the name "Tiberium Power"), this mod will recreate the TD 1 on the RA2\TS engine, will be 2 expasion , Kane's Revenge and Tiberium Power

Dead Town Escapade , is a FPS game, where you are a prision of Dead Town, you need to escape, more info in future, will have 2 ver, single ver and arena game. over 5 mision very hard

Hittler Must Be Dead , is a FPS game on WW2 where you need to killl Hittler, your mision is not so simple, over 5 mision at hard very hard

All Those In FUTURE ! 2010 will get to you 4 new Ultra-mods by Sla Company ! thank you all ! ;)

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