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Our second blog post about changes that we did past week.

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Welcome again on second blog post, this week we did our best to finish editing all buildings, but we also got defenses on.

We have a new map, called TTW_Mountains, is what it says, a mountain type of map, with defenses. GDI & Nod literally next to each other between a huge mountain in middle, there's only one way to attack from front, either using the harvester path or main path. Map is 100% done in LevelEdit, to prove that we can do an AOW map without any help from GMAX. We will later this month post a tutorial how to make your own map.

Next week, we will do balancing and killing bugs, but we will also try to add civilian capture able buildings, those will give an advantage to any team that will capture them. We did mention capture, so let's explain it, is much simple than your think, you just need to get an engineer in a capture able building, you will receive a message when you are capturing it, after few seconds, your building is your, beware, enemy can capture it back, so protect it, they also can destroy them (with exception of few).

It's time to clarify about Scrin, as many of you did asked, we've been thinking how the Scrin will be in our game, the current decision (that might change in next versions) is to make them a non-playable faction, where Artificial Intelligence will use to attack you. Some maps will feature random enemy encounters on battlefields, they will strike without warning. The attacks will consists of tanks and airships (maybe even mothership, we never know :P).

Here is a video showing Nod's defenses test.
Do I need C&C Renegade to play TTW? No, TTW is a standalone release, so NO c&c renegade have to be installed.
When we will can play (online) ? We can give a date (don't blame us if we didn't finished it in time) around end of this month.
We will be able to use a Scrin character? Yes only if we will can have animations done and only on special maps.
We will be able to drive some Scrin air/land units some day? Yes, you will can drive them in special maps.
Does sidebar will replace Renegade's purchase terminal? No, we don't have any plan to replace it, we want a fast way of buying but without having to scroll a huge list. Expert players use hot-keys to buy extremely quickly.
Online services requires a registred account? Currently you don't need one, just login with nickname and password (password must have 8 characters) you desire and server will make a account for you.
As a server owner, I will be able to host a server? Sure, when we will release client, we will also release server.
Can we play Campaign or any single player game? For next release, we will include 2 or 3 campaign maps (made of C&C 3), so you will be able to play single player.
How we will can purchase air units? You will be able to buy them from Airfields, but only on maps that support flying units, next release won't include them, but on later releases will.
Do I need Free Dedicated Server to host a server? No, if you want a simple server to play with friends and others, just host it from ingame.

Changes past week:
String: Weapons Factory changed to War Factory.
String: Fixed Nod War Factory sound/name.
Model: Nod War Factory interior changed.
Model: Nod Power Plant interior changed.
Model: Hand Of Nod interior changed.
Model: Nod Refinery changed.
New intro WIP
A lot of menu strings changed.
'Sla Online' services now supported (still requires a lot of testing).
Defenses added: Watch Tower, Obelisk, Shredder, Laser Cannon.

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they are Scrin, not Scrins

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