Developer and Lead coder of evolution of Combat mod. Latest version available now.First off , let me clear some things up. You all probably know a lot about saber combat , right ? Well , I hate to burst your little bubble of hope but ... with all due respect , you have seen nothing yet. "Evolution of Combat" is just that what it means. Evolution. It changes A LOT , and I really do mean it , about Saber fighting system.Here is the thing , the new blocking system is converted from automatic , to manual. Yes , you figured correctly ! Using a set of movements and a few mouse clicks you can manage to avoid/block most of the strikes given from your adversary with some practice ( and a lot of it ).The offensive system has also gained some new bulk. We all got tired of having only 3 stances in the game at some point too. But do not fret , with this modification , you get not 5 , not 6 , but 7 amazing new stances , moves , katas and positioning.

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Evolution of Combat has changed radically, the mod focus is now (As the name suggests) on Evolution of Combat.A lot of the unnecessary stuff that was nothing more than a distraction and swayed the focus from combat in EoC I and 2 has been removed.
The saber system has been overhauled ,If you watch the film "crouching tiger,hidden dragon" you will see what we have been aiming for.We have focused our efforts on Defense ,calculated attacks, timing and speed.
The saber system is a serious "Saberists" element of the mod with aspects of the Wudang chuan swordsmanship fighting styles and 7 saber forms to choose from.As a result of this ,the people who just like the hack and slash base jedi academy system will not like this.And if you expect your enemy to just stand and be killed, well i got some more bad news
The bot A.I has been totally rebuilt ,these bots (enemy's) will defend
themselves and attack you with a degree of intelligence timing and cunning ,never seen before in JKA .We have aimed at a sense of realism ,to make you feel you are fighting real people.So the message is "If your not an expert at EoC saber system don't play on skill level Jedi master" you will just be killed.
The melee combat system has also been rebuilt ,added moves for defense and attack make melee combat a new skill based element to the mod that ,"when mastered" give you a big advantage over a less experienced fighter.
New weapons and vehicles make the life of a gunner far more interesting.So if you don't want to play as a Jedi, fear not.Many new aspects have been added to make the life of a gunner far more fun.The athlete skill is something gunners will learn to love ,allowing you to jump higher,further, perform acrobatics, and move faster .This skill will make life hard for other gunners and saber wielders to hit you accurately, as you leap and dive around from fire position to cover position.Location based damage means you can blow your opponents head,arms or legs off with a single shot,Making a gun user an enemy respected by all.(Including Jedi).A full experience and Rank system allows you to save your progress to avoid "starting from the beginning" every time you start a new game. Just log in and as you get better and more skilled at EoCIII you will be rewarded by promotion and skill points allowing you to upgrade your weapons or force powers.
New force powers and updates of the old force powers make the life of a sith or jedi far more interesting .Use the force wisely and be rewarded generously, abuse or over using your force powers can weaken you and make you vulnerable to attack from wise enemy's.Evolution of Combat III is a new build ,it is not intended to be a mere update of Jedi academy ,but a New beginning.You must relearn what you have learnt, remaster what you have mastered, with patience , experience and intelligence.This mod will take combat of all forms to a new level allowing you to become the greatest warrior in the galaxy.........
May the force be with you

Furthermore , you might create a server of your own and fight with a couple of bots , I recommend it highly ? Now lets hear you guys yell at me for suggesting that. Again , why ? Well , aside from the bots acquiring a new intelligent AI system making their movements more realistic , and almost nulifying their random jumps and aimless running across the map , they give you quite a good challenge when it comes to saber combat. It makes you forget you are fighting a bot , and gives you a feel you are fighting Masashi himself. That is how cool the bots got upgraded.

There are also a few new maps added. Ranged weapons as well as force powers got a new look , effect and audio. Which is neat when you get the urge to blast someone with a rifle or burn them to crisps with lightning. You also get a few more sabers , skins and blades .

Also , this modification gives you higher understanding of the various forms ( even though they are extracted from the Star Wars universe , they are based on real life Swordsmanship ) and higher authenticity and professionalism to the school. I can picture students learning their swordsmanship skills on a WHOLE other level. Though it will be a hassle for the board of education to create new Tools upon which we all can be trained. Yes , it will be harder in the beginning to adjust , but it is highly possible. Be you a student or artisan , your knowledge will be enhanced tenfold.

There are also a few new added features in this mod which are coolsauce. But enough about my text , here is some proof that this mod really exists and gives you a little more insight in what I am talking about :

This is my personal version of EoC .In the base folder i have installed every map and model i could get my hands on.

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