I've been into the gaming scene for as long as I can remember, although I always lacked the knowledge to make games. So, these past 4 years I've been at university studying Computer Science and have been really getting to grips with some game tech. Made a couple of little projects in C++, made a map in the Unreal 3 Map Editor, made a few Farcry 2 maps, and I've recently been reading up on flash with hopes to make a game in it at some point. Anyways, I'm pretty much engrossed in video games most of the time, whether it be playing or developing my own. I joined up here because I thought it would be nice to network with some likeminded people and exchange idea's and such. Anyways, thats me, hope to see you out there in the mod community.

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Finally the map is finished

sdoolan Blog

First of all Hurrah! Tsunguru Dockyard is finally finished.
Seems I was swamped with coursework pretty much since October at uni, but that's all done now. I've basically got a couple of days off before exam revision starts and I really wanted to finish this map. After a couple of 10 hour'ish days of work on it, its finished. I'll be uploading it straight after this blog post, so please play, enjoy, and give me some feedback.


Latest Map - Delays Explanation

sdoolan Blog

Ok so I've noticed I get around 10 or 11 views a day on my profile and I'm guessing these are people seeing whether I have any new maps around. I know I said I was hard at work with this latest one "Tsunguru Dockyard" but I have to admit the latest barrage of games (Deus Ex, Driver, Dead Island, Resistance 3, etc) has had me rather distracted. Don't worry though, I'm still working on the map, it just might be at a slightly lower pace because of these distractions (and obviously work), but I'm still hoping to get it out soon.

Stick with it and I promise I'll get this map out to you as soon as I can. It'll be worth it ;D


New Map Named and has Screenshots

sdoolan Blog

The latest map I have been working on very hard, is to be dubbed Tsunguru Dockyard. Its based around a coastal town named Tsunguru thats in the middle of the Far Cry 2 faction war.

For full information on the map locations, strategies, and whats to come then check out my screenshot section and all will be detailed in the description box.

I've put a lot of work into this map, and there's a lot more to go, but so far its coming along great! Let me know what you think, and as always, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


New Map on the Horizon

sdoolan Blog

Currently working on a new Far Cry 2 map. This one is a lot busier than my other 2 maps. It's been planned out to have bases, staging areas, sniper spots, and something I've never tried before. Probably my most ambitious map to date, but with all the detail I intend to put into it, it might take a couple of weeks before release. I'll be upping a couple of screenshots later on today to give you an idea of some of the stuff in the map.

The setting is a small port town, any ideas of things to add would be greatly appreciated.

Latest Map Out and Ready For Download!

sdoolan Blog

My latest map "House of the Rising Sun" is now released and available for download via the addons page on my profile. Its a smallish map based around an old decrepit villa. Either team will fight for domination over the building as it provides great cover and with the high surrounding walls it is no easy feat to penetrate.

Use you cunning to plan attacks around the side entrances, hidden ladders, or just go for a full frontal rush attack. There is only one objective here...


Version 2 Available

sdoolan Blog

Version 2 is now up and ready for downloads in my addons section. I fixed many of the bugs I could find and a few things people mentioned to me. If anything this is an improvement over version 1. Hope you guys enjoy the map, and don't forget to rate and comment. I'm always looking to improve, and other peoples input helps out a whole lot.

Bridge Over Ravaged Waters Release

sdoolan Blog

Okay, so I finally finished capturing walkthrough video's of the map, editing them, and uploading them so they're all there if you wanna see the map before you decide to download it.
I've also uploaded a few screenshots. Theres one of each village (APR and UFLL) and one for the bridge itself. The screenshots don't show everything however, so if you want to see some of the smaller places to hide or attack from watch the videos.

Map has now been uploaded (as of 18/03/2011) and is awaiting approval from the ModDB team. Should be downloable within the next few days, so have fun I guess.

My actual blog

sdoolan Blog

So I've actually got a blog already on my website. Most of the stuff I do will be posted up on there, but anything I upload here I'll be sure to make a special post for. I'll also (when I remember to) post some links to other stuff I've done, or anything cool I find that might interest some of you in the mod community.

Here's there link: *coming soon*

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