I've been into the gaming scene for as long as I can remember, although I always lacked the knowledge to make games. So, these past 4 years I've been at university studying Computer Science and have been really getting to grips with some game tech. Made a couple of little projects in C++, made a map in the Unreal 3 Map Editor, made a few Farcry 2 maps, and I've recently been reading up on flash with hopes to make a game in it at some point. Anyways, I'm pretty much engrossed in video games most of the time, whether it be playing or developing my own. I joined up here because I thought it would be nice to network with some likeminded people and exchange idea's and such. Anyways, thats me, hope to see you out there in the mod community.

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Tsunguru Dockyard
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These are a few screenshots of the map I've been recently working on. This is probably the map I've put the most into so far. Its already taken around double the time of Bridge Battle (including the V2 update) and I'm only around halfway done.

The map takes place in the coastal town of Tsunguru. The town is split into two warring factions; the APR and UFLL. The UFLL were the original force in the town and the rebel front has recently arrived, pressing into the town. The battle has become stalemate on the main road right around the dockyard and its up to you to conquer the location for the faction of your choice.

The rebels are holed up in an old residential parking garage. Its been converted hastily into a stronghold with poorly crafted barriers, gun emplacements, and the shambled togethor workings of a command centre. Across the street is a tower with a great overlook of the town, perfect for sniping, but with a lot of volatile chemicals stored on and around the tower its a deathtrap should you be spotted.

The UFLL have dug into an old disused church and quickly made it into a forward base in defense of the town. The tall belltower of the church gives a great place to snipe, or counter-snipe should you need to. However, with every great position comes great disadvantages. Should you be seen in the tower, enemy forces can alert each other to your presence by shooting the large church bell hanging, very visibly, inside the tower. Not only this, but the UFLL use the tower to store a lot of the reserve vehicle fuel; be careful that those cannisters don't get hit or your toast!

The central point of the map contains two major locations that factions will be looking to take. There is the Petrol station directly in the centre of town that gives a great tactical advantage for the multiple routes your team can take in and out of it to confuse and get behind your enemy. The second is the dry-dock a little out of town. With its sub-ground level, its essential for flanking.

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