I've been into the gaming scene for as long as I can remember, although I always lacked the knowledge to make games. So, these past 4 years I've been at university studying Computer Science and have been really getting to grips with some game tech. Made a couple of little projects in C++, made a map in the Unreal 3 Map Editor, made a few Farcry 2 maps, and I've recently been reading up on flash with hopes to make a game in it at some point. Anyways, I'm pretty much engrossed in video games most of the time, whether it be playing or developing my own. I joined up here because I thought it would be nice to network with some likeminded people and exchange idea's and such. Anyways, thats me, hope to see you out there in the mod community.

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Okay, so I finally finished capturing walkthrough video's of the map, editing them, and uploading them so they're all there if you wanna see the map before you decide to download it.
I've also uploaded a few screenshots. Theres one of each village (APR and UFLL) and one for the bridge itself. The screenshots don't show everything however, so if you want to see some of the smaller places to hide or attack from watch the videos.

Map has now been uploaded (as of 18/03/2011) and is awaiting approval from the ModDB team. Should be downloable within the next few days, so have fun I guess.

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