I've been into the gaming scene for as long as I can remember, although I always lacked the knowledge to make games. So, these past 4 years I've been at university studying Computer Science and have been really getting to grips with some game tech. Made a couple of little projects in C++, made a map in the Unreal 3 Map Editor, made a few Farcry 2 maps, and I've recently been reading up on flash with hopes to make a game in it at some point. Anyways, I'm pretty much engrossed in video games most of the time, whether it be playing or developing my own. I joined up here because I thought it would be nice to network with some likeminded people and exchange idea's and such. Anyways, thats me, hope to see you out there in the mod community.

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This video shows some of the completed locations in my current map "Tsunguru Dockyard". The map is around 70% complete so you can expect to see some more locations in the finished product.

Some small things are likely to change, such as gang propaganda vehicle placement, and ammo refill points as I begin to test the map and decide where they fit best.

I apologize for some of the choppyness in the video, my PC was not happy with running fraps over the FarCry 2 editor, but I tried my best to keep it up at least over 20 fps.

Toward the end of the video I show some of the scenery specifically created to add fire propagation to change the map in certain ways. (for example someone using the bushes to hide would be burnt out and they would no longer be a viable cover spot)

90% of houses so far are windowed, doored, and furnished and I intend to have all of them completed by the time the map is complete.

All current structures have telephone lines interconnecting them to give an authentic town feel.

Map boundaries have been included in some places the player can visit. These are to provide a sense of freedom and that you aren't "walled-in" as with most traditional maps. They wont affect general gameplay as these gaps tend to be in water, or away from combat hot zones.

*End Notes*

Thanks for watching and I hope you're looking forward to the map.

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