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RSS A year of developing D2600: Reflections and future plans

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So I only realized this right now when I was about to release the latest Alpha build (0.6), but I've been developing Deliverance 2600 for a whole year now. Slightly more than a year, in fact. And now it's at the halfway point of its development cycle.

It feels crazy to think how much that thing has developed in the last 400-ish days. It all began with me messing around in Doom Builder, barely having any idea what I was doing. And then, like a lightning, the idea struck me - the idea to make a Metroidvania-style Doom mod. It didn't take much longer for that idea to develop into that of a full-fledged total conversion.

Just like the mod itself has grown, so has my motivation to bring it to the end it deserves. To create a mod that supercedes everything I've made until now. To make Deliverance 2600 not only a solid gameplay experience, but an experience that excites and begs for a revisit.

It's no doubt at this point that Deliverance 2600 is the most elaborate Doom mod I've worked on yet. That's exactly why I want to do it justice. That's exactly why I want to remember it as my magnum opus 10 years from now.

Anyhow, so what comes after Alpha 0.6? Essentially two more Alpha builds, respectively numbered 0.7 and 0.8, and from v0.9 onwards, the beta stage. The main things left to implement are the second half of the bosses. My plan is to implement the 3rd boss in 0.7 and the 4th and final boss in 0.8, respectively. Then the mod is ready to enter the beta stage with Beta 0.9, where more or less everything else left to add should be added. From there on out, it's nothing but bug-fixing and tweaking.

And after the beta stage... The final version.

Stay tuned.

- Santtu Pesonen

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