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user4634 - - 18 comments

Every pc can run black mesa.

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renanthevampire Creator
renanthevampire - - 258 comments

Ok, let's talk, you know we have a team right? You know we all have personal life, work, college, relationships?
You know we are HUMANS WITH SOCIAL LIFE, not machines that only live by modding.
90% of the team do that mod in the free time, like vacation or weekends.
With the arrival of Black Mesa Source the point of the mod, remake HL in source engine is useless, and, a big waste of time.
This is the first motive to the end of the mod.
The second motive is that my hard drive broke and we lost A HUGE PART OF THE MOD, A REALLY HUGE PART. So, everything is lost to make from scratch.
So, don't talk **** about us, don't call me scummy because you don't know ANYTHING about it, about the needs of a small team doing a lot of stuff, you don't know about our personal life and about our goals for REAL LIFE.

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ToTac - - 185 comments

Hey there. I just realized an old comment of yours from Sep 29th 2012 ( and I want to thank you for that! :)
By "realize" I don't mean I haven't read it back then, but I guess I forgot about it and since it was an outstanting comment I feel bad for not responding to it in any way.

So, that's that.

Also: Good luck with your HL:Source Redux project!

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Jureck0 - - 2 comments

Hello ,how about Assassins Creed II mod? Can you tell me something new? thank you

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LKMax - - 169 comments

Nossa, fui ver seu perfil só por curiosidade e vejo que tu ainda é um "brazuca" hehe.

Parabéns, você está fazendo o que a valve deveria ter feito antes de lançar o jogo, ou seja, dar um sentido à troca de engines (nunca entendi por que eles não melhoraram nada no jogo com o potencial da Source nas mãos). Além do mais, já cansei de esperar pela mod Black Mesa, espero que não aconteça o mesmo com a sua. ;-)

Boa sorte.

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renanthevampire Creator
renanthevampire - - 258 comments

Hehe, valeu, é sempre bom ter o apoio da galera da nossa patria amada BRASIL!

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Gunship_Mark_II - - 4,864 comments

Thank you for making Half-Life: Source REDUX ;)

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xsantosis - - 717 comments

Ola amigo, eu estou contente de de que você retomar o desenvolvimento do mod, e eu desejo-lhe boa sorte.

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renanthevampire Creator
renanthevampire - - 258 comments

Valeu cara

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Sfod-d - - 74 comments

Tracking your mod.

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