Veteran and freelance independent mapper for previously Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, nowadays for Jedi Academy and other idtech3 games. Developer of the 2004's highly regarded and signature map "Asteroid Base" for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (now available for Jedi Academy).

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Back in 2011 while still active in Elite Force RPG-X, I came across a map named "Normandy" made by TLO's in-house mapper Klaw who was, like me, one of the few people still creating content for the RPG-X modification. Altough I like the map very much, I couldn't help noticing from a more professional mappers perspective, that there was a long list of 'issues' that plagued the map.

Especially in the area's of model use, visability and framerate was a lot that could be improved with the proper attention. Since the original release included the *.map file, I began work by starting to re-do several area's and progressed further by improving its general look and feel, while retaining Klaw's original design and premise.

Development of this re-do version ceased a long time ago due to my given status as untermensch by the RPG-X community and in favor of my Jedi Academy projects. The original, somewhat flawed TLO version is still available and has been included in their RPG-XCE project (with the *.map file). The high-quality and sophisticated version is being deemed 'unwanted' and 'undesired' by the same Star Trek: RPG-X community . . .

Before the port to Jedi Academy, Release THREE of Asteriod Base saw its initial development in Elite Force, the game where it all began. A large portion of the map was already done before the port and at that moment, the default executable (stvoyHM.exe) couldn't handle the map anymore (MAX_SHADERS hit).

I decided to port the map towards Jedi Academy for a number of reasons. The first would be the obvious since Jedi Academy has higher limitations, therefor providing me with more room to do things and secondly since Jedi Academy still has an active modding community. Compared to Elite Force's modding community (which is is practicly zero), the choice was once again pretty obvious.

I could've sticked with Elite Force and I could've used an extender such Thilo's efport progress or GSIO01's rpgxEF project in order to make a full, dedicated RPG-X version of "Asteroid Base" but both projects haven't seen any development since 2013 and therefor should be regarded as "abandoned" and "dead". Much unlike Jedi Academy's OpenJK project, which is still going strong.

While browsing through my archives, I came across a pre-TOS mapping project from 2011 that I had intended for the Elite Force RPG-X modification. This unfortunately never saw completion because of my qualification and classification as untermensch by the same RPG-X community.

Since the map was pretty far into production, I have decided to publish several screenshots in order to demonstrate the map its design and sophistication, aspects that are featured in all my released works and I am currently investigating a possible Jedi Academy port.

As of today, a new download location is available for the map Battlestar Bellerophon for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. The service of LoneBullet has arisen from the ashes of the former Gamefront era (Ziff Davis, Break Media).

Other then ModDB (which cannot host anything remotely inspired by NBC's Battlestar Galactica) and Nexusmods (Which requires a registered account to download files larger then 2 megabyte), LoneBullet offers a download service that does not have the earlier mentioned restrictions.

In the next few days, I will make an attempt to make my other created content available through this service so that all of my creative works can and will be available again without restrictions and/or limiting policies.

A promotional image intended to for the release of Extended TWO of the map "U.S.S Leonov - 'the Animal'"

Extended TWO would've taken advantage of the special rpgxEF branch that was being developed when this version was being developed. Especially the number of entities would've been increased (including blue and yellow alert) for this version.

rpgxEF is no longer in development and its homepage doesn't exist anymore.

Ultimately, Extended TWO formed the basis for the Jedi Academy version Outline THREE, which saw further development and the restoration of certain design elements that had to be cut from Release ONE, notably on Deck 2.

Some concept images from the time I was still developing the Battlestar Aurelia map for RPG-X. At the time, I was toying with the transparent workstation idea that I had seen in Avatar.

Most designs were pretty locked tight at that moment and found their way in the Aurelia map before it was being ported towards Jedi Academy.

Tomorrow an update will be released for Asteroid Base for Jedi Academy. The update will address several issues brought forward during the 2016 summer courses that I have given plus that after 13 years, it will add a working bot support. The bot support will also work on the old Release THREE version.

Outline THREE of the map U.S.S Leonov - "The Animal" for Jedi Academy has been released and is now available through the Download page.

Screenshot Screenshot

This outlining release is the result of continued development based on the cancelled Release TWO version for RPG-X/rpgx-EF, which are both no longer in development. It will give players a chance to see how the development of the map is progressing, other then the usual screenshots posted on the webpage and other channels.

Screenshot Screenshot

Though the map can be percieved as "odd" because of its heavy Star Trek influence and design, feedback is as always much appreciated.

The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y'awl's neighborhood ... or base

The amount of harddisk space as it was used by my Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force installation, not bad for a game that was only shipped onto one 650 MB CD-ROM. After 16 consecutive years, I have decided to remove the game from my primary harddrive in favor of other games and other projects that I intend to release under the Apprentice banner.

Altough Elite Force remains one of the few Star Trek games that actually "worked", on a development level was the game "done" a long time ago. Singleplayer development was already dead after Freelance went to another game before it was canned and the only multiplayer development that existed was RPG-X, which is no longer in active development since the whole rpgxEF project and website is no longer available (Github displays files that are at least three years old).

This left my Elite Force installation gathering dust and that was unfortunately not by MY choice. The main RPG-X developer by the name of TiM chose to be an arse and decided to dismiss one of the last if not the last independent developer for his aging RPG-X product, by superceding his own ego and his own pride and subsequently hides behind his 'privileges' and refuses to talk in a more profesional and mature enviroment other then pointing fingers and blame others. This makes the choice (if you can call it a choice) much easier: delete it!

So now I have more room to develop projects and maybe those that were originally intented for Elite Force, will see a Jedi Academy release since that game has still an active mapping and modding activity.