Veteran and freelance independent mapper for previously Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, nowadays for Jedi Academy and other idtech3 games. Developer of the 2004's highly regarded and signature map "Asteroid Base" for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (now available for Jedi Academy).

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Star Trek: RPG-X

Mod review - 1 agree - 2 disagree

A flawed repack that never utilizes its potential . . .

After testing the Ultimate Edition, I fail to see what the improvements over the last version truly is. For instance, a number of bugs that plagued the older rpgxEF release are still in there when I try to load the last build of my Animal Extended TWO map. The changes in the code enables me to see my own feet plus a waving tricorder whenever I jump around the place when I play at 1st person perspective. I fail to see the benefits and the necessity of these kind of changes plus I noticed some framerate issues compared to the older versions I used. Eversince I got a GTX480, I never experienced any framerate issues with Elite Force, the RPG-X modification or any other idtech3 engine (except when the map wasn't properly optimised) but for some reason, this release manages to create a visible drop in framerate.

As for the maps included with the Ultimate Edition, a nice collection of previously made maps by various mappers over the game's entire lifespan of 18 years but it ends there. None of the maps have been reworked in order to take advantage of this new engine build or have otherwise been visually updated to take advantage of the current and previous generation of graphics card (such as the GTX900 series and AMD's equivalent), especially from the in-house developed maps such as the Hercules (rpg_frigate) and Normandy (v1). Where are the exclusive releases for this version of RPG-X? If one expect a higher look and feel for the maps similar to what happened with DE_Dust2 for the releases of the various Counter-Strike games over the years, you will not find it in this release.

Then the question remains, for who is it? Simple answer since it comes from TLO, it's for TLO and its members. Will other RPG-X groups benefit from this release? Yes and no. Yes since it contains a large collection of maps that have been frequently used for RPG-X over the years and its convenient if you don't want to spent hours searching for the right maps. No, since other groups will have to get rid of the TLO ranksets, musicpacks, modelpacks and what-not server/client-side in order to give this release their flavor and remove potential inconsistencies and other mumbo-jumbo that could cause their server to crash because of some forgotten TLO-specific file(s).

Pity, since it could've been so much more! Unfortunately, it will not exceed the notion of a repack, similarly to the re-releases as EA has done so in the past and is still doing of certain older games as a "classic title" or something . . .


C&C: Tiberium Alliances

Game review

Game is being played by bullies who are actively degrading other players, especially those who are weaker then the bullies are.

Stay clear from this one! The level of degradation of players "who do not play the game" is identical to what happened in the late 30s/early 40s to a certain group of people.

EA completely supports and endorses this behaviour, since numerous complaints have been files, only to deaf ears . . .


Aliens TC

Mod review - 3 agree

One of the best total conversions of its time and still has to find it's equal . . .


Elite Force RPG-X

Mod review - 2 disagree

1) This modification is as dead as anything dead can be. There is more life on a graveyard then in this modification. The last release was about 3 years ago and since then, nothing . . .

2) This modification is poorly programmed because it is unable to handle certain maps which work fine with the regular version of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (such as my own "Asteroid Base - Redone" and "Asteroid Base II" maps, amongst others such as the 'stock' "Atlantis" map) or other modifications, such as Salinga's Instagib, Gladiator or Pinball modifications . . .


Doom II

Game review

Solely responsible for wasting many, many, many hours in deathmatch . . .



Game review - 2 agree

Solely responsible for wasting many, many, many hours in deathmatch . . .


Command & Conquer

Game review - 4 agree

Hell of a game, even after 17 years. Played it tremendously at various LAN parties and at home . . .


Dune II: The Building of A Dynasty

Game review

A really good game which became the blueprint of all RTS games that followed. Very accessible and enjoyable even after 20 years of its release . . .

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