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Another Tier 10 ship

QuoNiam Blog

Hello everyone,

I just unlocked my second tier 10 ship in World of Warships: the German cruiser Hindenburg !

A real beast with four triple turrets of 203 mm, four quadruple torpedo launchers and a very powerful AA suite for a cruiser.

Not to mention its relatively good armor as well. A very good multirole ship.shot 16 10 25 01 55 42 0224

shot 16 10 25 01 55 33 0918

I also recently began to grind the tier 9 German BB, the Friederich der GroBe, a nice ship although it is not as exciting as the Bismarck nor the GroBer Kurfürst in many regards. It is between both, but still its secondaries have the same range as the Bismarck's and they fire more often due to the tier 9 secondaries module modification.

shot 16 10 19 23 41 06 0361

shot 16 10 24 01 05 55 0094

German and French ships

QuoNiam Blog

Hi everyone !

To end our summer, we have German Battleships at last !

These are tough ships, well armored and given their guns seem not spectacular, they are still deadly when used properly.

Their citadel is very hard to hit but if you want to end them you still can lit fires on them because they burn nicely !

One more thing, tier 8 through 10 have Hydro-acoustic search consumable to spot torpedoes further and spot Destroyers hiding in smoke screens. Bismarck gets awesome secondaries which can fire up to 10.6 km once fully upgraded ! Insane !

Finally, French battlecruiser Dunkerque is in the game now, in spite of flaws in the armor and AA weapons, it is a good ship, maneuverable, fast, all forward going with eight guns on front. The secondaries are still useful if you turn your back, and her HE is insane, (ironically, IRL Dunkerque never used HE rounds ! ) and this ship can be deadly not only to cruisers but also destroyers and battleships if you place yourself carefully.

Eurobeat has made a very funny video about it:

shot 16 08 30 17 04 53 0431

shot 16 08 30 17 05 10 0139

shot 16 08 28 12 19 14 0840

Incoming !

QuoNiam Blog

Hi everyone, Wargaming has released great new recently !

German Battleships will arrive around next month and furthermore, a first French Battleship, the Dunkerque will arrive on the premium shop before the end of the year !

Wows Dunkerque 5

Wows Dunkerque 6

Wows Dunkerque 3

Some information about Dunkerque :

In short: Eight 13 in (330mm) guns in two guadruple turrets (more like two twin double turrets in fact, separated by an inner amored wall to prevent entire turret disabling by lucky shots, it proved efficient).

Those guns are better than most 14 in (356mm) guns on Japanese BBs and on New York due to high muzzle velocity. Only New Mexico and Arizona do better.

225 mm Belt armor but angled so it is a little better than just 225 mm.

150 mm Deck armor which was good for the time.

Three 130 mm quadruple turrets secondaries, dual purpose they ca fire (only at long range) on aircraft.

and a 29.5 kts top speed.

As would Eurobeat say:

So keep your bow directly at enemy ship, because your frontal armor is a giant middle finger to enemy AP shell, plus you don't have to worry about any rear turret since all your main battery firepower is concentrated on the forward section. (unlike Izumo, all turrets can fire together)

Don't show your broadside and lower hull to enemy team if you don't want to end up their list of favorite things to shoot.

Take advantage of terrain to sneak up undetected and caught cruisers off gard !

This ship is a cruiser killer. It can do against lower tier battleships, but keep clear of higher tier ones ! Or of the ones baring bigger guns than your armor can handle (ex: Warspite, so you'll prevent the whole Mers-El Kebir disaster to happen all over again)

But we are still waiting for British ships, some of them should come for the end of the year, probably cruisers.

Tier 10, here I come !

QuoNiam Blog

After ten days of grind, here it is, the Yamato in World of Warships, is mine at last ! shot 16 06 09 16 51 26 0745

World of Warships

QuoNiam Blog

For those who play World of Warships and would dismiss the effectiveness of the newly added German cruisers, here are some battle result screenshots of a battle I had yesterday in my tier 2 Dresden cruiser: shot 15 10 21 20 46 25 0609

shot 15 10 21 20 47 23 0819

shot 15 10 21 20 46 32 0665

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