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Homeworld 2 Complex

Mod review

What can I say excepts that a mod being developped for a decade sure must have some interest ! The development of the game mechanics is enormous ! It sure is more complex but still on it lies on the same basics, so it is still Homeword 2 and I dare say a more logical one as certain units finally get their real use corresponding to their phusical assets and possibilities when you looked at them closely in the original game...
Many of the mod ideas were taken from the original development team so it garranties the quality and the credibility for the Mod to definately be a Homeworld one. Ice on the cake, the Mod leader has been included in the Homworld Remastered Dev team, so it garantees continuity with the future modding possibilities of the Remastered version.

And if the original game dev team was so breathtaken by the Mod team's work, there is a good reason for it, that means that the Mod shared their ideas !


Star Trek: Continuum

Mod review

Good work.
Graphically brethtaking for a 12 years old game engine.
The tremendous effort in modeling the ships i awesome.
Battles are well rendered.

And having access to all Star trek eras is the ice on the cake !

The only setback is the minimalistic tech tree that somehow could diminish the interest one could have in the game, for those who are hardcore researchers !


Rise of the Reds

Mod review - 1 agree

That is a hell of a good work !

Original ideas, fun and clever aand with a real Command and Conquer style yet not too generic (The GLA recylcer is the most awesome of them !) It also respects the Generals lore very well.

Having a so professional and dedicaded dev team working on such a project is the garanty of a good Iced cake at the end !
This time, the Cake is not a lie !
The idea of custom and professional voiceovers is priceless eventhought the original Red alert ones were good.

In my opinion, it gives a good idea of what the real Generals 2 game could have been like...

The shortcomings or defects are not the responsability of the Mod dev team who tried hard to improve the game engine and extract every possibility they could from that 12 years old game !

A fantastic Job to you all !
So highest mark well seserved (giving a 10 would not be objective, right ?)

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