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Titan: XCIX

Mod review

Hopefully, a Part 2 will be coming soon. An overall great mod, good voice acting, and great utilization of the source engine. Wish it was a bit longer, but the trip was short and sweet.


Human Error

Mod review

-Some custom textures (Mainly on NPC's) seems to be dirty, not cut well, or phonged strangely (I prefer not too much phong-mapping, so that's my opinion)
-Some of the maps very pretty clustered with items, badly spaced
+Original gamemodes and storyline.
+For the most part, very well made maps.
+Quite balanced gameplay with a good feel to it.



Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 disagree

I liked the idea of this mod, but as many have stated before, it does fall short on some of the design and gameplay.
-Brings you back to fighting the Half-Life 1 enemies! (Vortigaunts, Hound-Eyes, Human Grunts, Apache Helicopters, and those sweet bad-*** blue Vortigaunts)
-Fairly well made weapons that FINALLY aren't the original HL2 ones
-A good variety of dark, enemy-filled, trap-laden maps
-Not great design of maps (Too many places to get physically stuck in, cover is rare, finding things is not commonplace, ammo for map-specific weapons is scarce
-That annoying sidekick (His speech is at times funny, but having to go back and heal him, as well as him not being a help whatsoever in any situation except for kills at 5 feet away)
-The dark is a bit TOO dark, and maps have some issues with lighting, texture, and material placement
-Those damned baby-headcrap carriers. Thank goodness there were only two when I played (Can't see the babies in the dark)

6.5 out of 10. 7 because I sort of pity the careless mistakes here and there. Need some good updates.
-Gameplay is a bit iffy (Guns seemingly jam sometimes, grunts and vorts can fire upon you from exploits in the map, tons of errors in fights like the uber-vort fight and 1st apache fight)


Research and Development

Mod review

I absolutely LOVED this one! I don't see too many Episode Two styled mods out there, and this hit the spot. Though I prefer action, I loved the innovation that was put into this Here's my review
-Gives a sort of funny link to the HL2 series
-Good custom content; readable decals are amazing
-Puzzles require some good knowledge (Seriously, if you down-rate something because your the only one who can't play one level, boo-hoo. Grow up and ask for help from someone who isn't a whiner and also has IQ and PQ)
- A few minor bugs, glitches here and there. No exploits as far as I can see (Of course, I completed the game it was supposed to be played, so I wasn't looking for other options)
-What are you talking about? This was beautiful.

9.5 out of 10, so a 10 for you. A continuation of this or maybe one based in sort of a different area or genre would be great. Keep modding!


Orion: Source

Mod review - 1 agree - 4 disagree

Now albeit, it isn't the best mod, which like some of the hot-headed critics who have posted their "Review". There is a line between RANT and REVIEW and WTF?! (Wtf is up with the Tron: Legcay spoiler? Seriously.). Here's my view upon it
-Fairly well-made effects (Recoil, if a bit strange, etc.)
-Weapons give a good mix-up of regular source mods
-Models, textures, maps, and items work smoothly
-Menus that are an annoying process to get through
-A few errors in each map (Allowing glitches and exploits, but almost every game has these)
-One class (The assault, with a jetpack) moves at a sort of normal pace, while the rest sprint by tapping the W key once and almost seem to warp time-space continuem when actually sprinting (They are too hard to hit, doesn't balance the game well, and playing as them makes it farther annoying since you feel like your a Crysis character on steroids)
-Not a terribly great selection of weapons (No actually energy, artillery/rocket weapons for a futirustic game; LMG is just messed up since it fires way too fast in my opinion, has no steadying and only 50 rounds which is also the mag-cap for the SMG; scopes are a bit ugly, but I'll get over that; pistols have unlimited ammo, though this has advantages, I personally like having to do a dynamic melee battle with another player.)

My rating would be 7.5 out of 10, but I gave it an 8 since I'm not the only one struggling in the multiplayer battles with drugged players and OP weapons, therefore gameplay is easy to get a handle on.

I'll leave my suggestions for fixes, additional content, and stuff like that out. I look forward to Orion: Prelude.



Mod review

I absolutely loved this mod! The graphics that you squeezed out of the puny little Half-Life engine are amazing as well as the story and gameplay. A few issues with it (The gameplay I mean) inluding some ironsight errors and some texture errors for decals on buildings, shrubs, and trees. Another downer was the LOUD music which wasn't affected by the 0% MP3 volume I set. All of those however don't constitute anything more than a -1 for me. 9/10!

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