Paranoia - it is a our single-player modification for Half-life. You will play the role of a russian officer of the secret service. Your first impressions are that this mission will be just like any other, but you really have no idea what nightmares future events have in store for you...

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The Good
-Nice Graphics
-Lots of original content
-Interesting Story
-Gameplay is good
-Good attention to detail

The Bad
-Very Unreliable in Windows Vista Ultimate (at least my copy)
-Face mask blocks view (they don't in real life don't they?)


lgs says

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+ Awesome level design
+ First level is pure gold (bonus points if you are ex-USSR resident)
+ Quality custom content
- Somewhat average gameplay


Awesome game!
-character design

-short story
-random crashes everywhere

I hope there would be a sequel!


Absolutely kick ***!

Awesome music, great graphics, lots of diverse settings and enemies for every level! I could not believe how awesome this mod is... try it and you'll love it!

great weapons, I love the face shield!

just freaking download it already!

Very superb. This mod looks pretty, especially for GoldSRC, it has a amazing atmosphere, interesting story, great music, everything about it is amazing, aside from the fact that it is rather short and ends out of nowhere, only giving you a small cut scene. Some people may complain about it only having English subtitles, and everything else being in Russian, but I feel like it adds to the games style, and it's not like Spetsnaz troops will be speaking in English anyway.


sasasa says

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This mod is one of the greatest, but not the best
The soundtracks fit well with the gameplay, I really enjoy that
The AI was a bit better than the original game, right? this mod also have a very nice, detailed mapping with high res textures make all things look very pretty, even a trash bin can make you surprise, and these guys really dedicated to this mod. Even an animation that was only used in first map, they still make it, for a better gaming experience


[_-=MTB=-_] says

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Now, let me Re-review everything, because the last review that I've did is just nothing like "oh new graphics, good" rather than putting some actual comments.

Now i've played Paranoia hundreds of times, It has this great mapping style and great storyline.

The first time I play this game was A great experience. Seriously there is nothing much is revealed until the half of the game, it makes you thought you only fight A terrorist, while there is something much darker has happened. and it does A really good job at making you uncomfortable and afraid.

Though now Im not afraid of this game anymore, but I still have fun playing this mod.

Paranoia understand what horror is. Like Pyrocynical said, not relying on jumpscares, but pure dread, and it does, (btw spoilers ahead becareful ahahahahah) When I fall into the bunker, that is the time when I don't feel comfortable, like something can just jump out from anywhere to kill me, hearing your friend updates their status, and it eventually gone wrong, and i'll say that's A good horror. Mainly because the music is quite creepy, imagine playing A game with A music that has Action, and then later it changes to A more Dark ambient, and then you've realized you actually stumbled upon the horror.

Oh, also lets talk about the music. The music is great, it combines Action rock music with A dark ambient style. Some people say its ruin the horror immersion, but I'd like to say that you play as A badass character, horror music makes you think you wouldn't stand A chance againts things you are fighting, but when the horror music replaced by Action Rock music, it makes you feel like "Oh, I can take care of this.". At least that is what my impression is

Now, the frequent crashes. This game crashes everytime the music starting to play, and it is already fixed in my custom patch. so I'll ignore this problem because I found how to fix it.

Hey how about my custom patch?

For me... it does quite ****. The game feels nothing like what PARANOIA is, some new monsters feels like just Another Half-Life monsters.

Sometimes I add A monster with no reason at all, like this Conehead monster that i've added to the patch, while there is not cones in the area you at, it's just feels stupid.

The rest, it feels fine to me

I want to modify it but I don't know if its A good idea or not (except for the conehead monsters, I do think its A good idea)

"Paranoia" is a good mod, especially it is standalone, is awesome.

The Pros:
-Awesome graphics.
-Standard Ritual Entertainment's animation for NPCs.
-Fair storyline, I love the part where Major first time face zombies.
-The gameplay effect is awesome as well.

The Cons:
-Crashes ramdonly, but nevermind at it.
-I think the Face mask is kinda of blocking, doesn't it?
-Short story, it could be much better.

I very loved this mod, it is very fun.


jiso says

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This mod is absolutely magnificent. To just see what these guys did visually an experience in itself, not to mention storyline and game play. Mood, atmosphere, timing, execution - it's all there. This is an all-around masterpiece that made the absolute best of what they had to work with. I was astounded.


Would recommend to every single person on earth to play and enjoy.