Orion is a total conversion utilizing Valve Software’s Orange Box engine. Orion immerses the player in an intense online experience with dynamic combat and a vast array of new features.. Featuring fast-paced tactical gameplay on futuristic battlefields, Orion brings the fun into gameplay.

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One of the most horrible and painful experiences of my life, a reskin that plays WORSE than the game its reskinning.

Orion had potential during its stages as Incoming and Incoming: Source, but Praz decided to scrap all the good and potential progress in exchange for a crappy reskin.

This mod died within its first day, and im not talking about its initial unplayable release, this mod well and truly sucks...

And dont get me started on the stuck up deluded **** who owns the company behind this piece of ****, David Prassel wouldnt know a good game if it hit him over the face with a wet fish, pillaged his town and raped all the women.

Using GMOD to pose dinosaur models, Making a follow up game COMMERICAL after such a HORRIBLE flop as the first game, David Prassel truly is the shitstain on the underpants of the source mod community, He exploited peoples talents for his personal gain, firing members for rediculous reasons such as working on the Dear Esther remake and talking **** about other mods behind the developers working on the same mod as that, he well and truly knows he is a shitstain, i hope orion: prelude flops.


where anyone servers?


This mod is pretty much your average Halo clone. The game play is very dry and not exciting. Guns and classes are your typical sci fi/Halo stuff.


I see very nice work here. But multiplayer mods like orion always need some more work on effects and sounds. It gets boring very fast.



great mod for a source engine. cant wait for Prelude


uha says

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I really don't get all the negative critics here. I don't know the team, but looking objective at the game I am very impressed!

The kits are nicely balanced, they all have an innovative tool to play with and they all work great tactically together. It is not as tactical as Battlefield and not as fast paced as Quake but - though these games are odd to compare - I find it a happy medium. And while all the weapons got a great, smooth feeling, you get a smile on your lips, when pulling the trigger.

The graphics are nearly the best part of the game - all the maps got their own look and atmospheric colours and settings. The textures and models are unique to each level and they got plenty of details.

Sadly it isn't very well optimized, so my fps falls from about 60 to 15 at some parts of the game, and we all know that the Source engine isn't the most requiring one (any longer). So that part needs some work...

Still the game runs acceptable at a bit lower settings and I enjoy playing it. But here comes the greatest problem - most of the time there aren't any servers! So I have only been able to play an online match a single time and that was a laggy experience. Apart from that I've only been playing LAN matches. I will go as far as to say that this is my overall favourite mod and it is hard for me to understand why no one is playing it and why the developers don't start at least one stable server! If they did so I would be the first to visit it - especially if I wasn't the only one.


Hanstehgreat says

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Spoiler! Tron's dad dies in the end!


Now albeit, it isn't the best mod, which like some of the hot-headed critics who have posted their "Review". There is a line between RANT and REVIEW and WTF?! (Wtf is up with the Tron: Legcay spoiler? Seriously.). Here's my view upon it
-Fairly well-made effects (Recoil, if a bit strange, etc.)
-Weapons give a good mix-up of regular source mods
-Models, textures, maps, and items work smoothly
-Menus that are an annoying process to get through
-A few errors in each map (Allowing glitches and exploits, but almost every game has these)
-One class (The assault, with a jetpack) moves at a sort of normal pace, while the rest sprint by tapping the W key once and almost seem to warp time-space continuem when actually sprinting (They are too hard to hit, doesn't balance the game well, and playing as them makes it farther annoying since you feel like your a Crysis character on steroids)
-Not a terribly great selection of weapons (No actually energy, artillery/rocket weapons for a futirustic game; LMG is just messed up since it fires way too fast in my opinion, has no steadying and only 50 rounds which is also the mag-cap for the SMG; scopes are a bit ugly, but I'll get over that; pistols have unlimited ammo, though this has advantages, I personally like having to do a dynamic melee battle with another player.)

My rating would be 7.5 out of 10, but I gave it an 8 since I'm not the only one struggling in the multiplayer battles with drugged players and OP weapons, therefore gameplay is easy to get a handle on.

I'll leave my suggestions for fixes, additional content, and stuff like that out. I look forward to Orion: Prelude.


guilhem says

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