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While I've been quiet or radio-silent, whichever you prefer, maybe to post an update on what's going on in my life. I've been quiet because I've been doing my spare time elsewhere to gaming related enterprises. Doesn't mean I've gone AWOL or disappeared, given up. I think about the direction of my mods, everyday and I even want to boost what I've done so far, with Salvage Storm, which I will. For now, because the other spare time enterprise has taken my spare time away, it has taken had my production to dip a lot to the point where I have stopped working on my mods. The good news is that the experiences from what I'm doing now, will be placed into mods and hopefully, have the quality of total conversion mod that would be interesting, unfortunately, anyone who still is interesting, will have to wait until next year. I seem to forgot that the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted me where I have to entertain gaming a bit, just not mods. I will be back, hopefully next year, so watch this space.


I don't use Twitter, so I really wish I could join the fight. I personally got fed up of Apple's walled garden mentally to pipeline money because they say so. Apple's good but it's almost like they're unaware about the outside world after pro-long successes, so all the best for Epic on proving their point on how Apple runs their business. I'm not sure about Google. Google help world with many things.

NOooo! NOOO AHHHH! NOOOOO, :,( Arghhh! Noooo noo noo! As a modder that's barely cut into the potential of the first Unreal Engine, this is hard news for me. I want to represent mods for the Unreal Engine 1, but I've been busy planning the most productive way to get my works out and this is my spare time, being used and I'm moving on trying to get out the mods. I was hoping to move onto the Unreal Engine 2 games and made a mod for that for Unreal 2, but now Unreal Engine 5 has been announced, it feels like the industry is moving away from me, as I get older and I'm left trying hard to make mods.

Look on the bright side, at least I can get to focus more on making mods and not give a crap about full production of games with bigger budgets used to making Unreal Engine 5 games.

I may as well rename my mod Salvage Storm to Extreme Paintbrawl: Unreal Edition or something!

From the old Salvage Storm archives:

Cactusman's attack - Mod DB

I think I'll go and check the game out. Extreme Paintbrawl. Has a low score when it was released and I would like to see how similar the game is too what I made for my mod. I was aware how close the level looks like to what's in the video of Paintbrawl on YouTube.

Hello, just an update and an unfortunate time, too, as the crisis on the outside is continuing. So I've been playing some more Unreal Engine made video games. I'm more of a Unreal Engine 1, 2 and 3 kind of person and I've been struggling to play games but I sometimes think Unreal Engine 4 is a good answer, as UE3 made games really shows that it's the beginning. I'm more of a trilogy tropes person but I think I should grow out of that.

Anyways, some good Unreal Engine 4 games would be Borderlands 3. I loved Borderlands 1 and still have to play the 2nd and pre-sequel, however Borderlands 3, is good enough, running on Unreal Engine 4. Some other games include Assetto Corsa Competizione, Shenmue III and Rock of Ages II. I'm still checking out some UE3 titles.

What's Cliff Bleszinski, creator of some of the maps in Unreal Gold and Unreal Tournament up to these days?


Yeah? No worry Blezzinski, I'm not smashing up your maps in Unreal. Nice to see him having success elsewhere.

clean Unreal Fist Fighting - Mod DB

So hopefully I have clearance to build and finish my mod Brawl to Unreal. Just how many are pestering me in the real world to help them, so I'm really fending them off a bit to get something going on. I'm uneasy with working with the maps until I get the attacks right. No point jumping in the bigger work unless I get this right. This is the boring bit, because while the world works hard to make maps and adjusts that are cool to post, it's really hard working on something so small and getting it working and removing content to get something different. So in this case, I had to remove the automag, tweak the projectile and replace it with an invisible model to get to this and it was just boring. Worth it but boring. Well this out of the way and more weapons to go. The invisible projectile or getting it to melee was tough enough, so that should be out of the way.

Hello, so a bit of a status update. Just getting the space I need to get mods done. With Brawl to Unreal, ever since extracting the arm model and re-animating it and placing it in game, I really wanted to take apart the game and put it in the game but the entire idea in the first place is to change the game a bit to give a completely different gameplay which works but then having to put the other ideas I want in the game, which players may not like? So after I finished with Brawl to Unreal, I will move onto my other mod project and put my ideas in there. It's scary but I seem to be getting by and that's maybe because no many people are tapping into the modding potential. I have my other project Unreal Safari (working title), so I will place my other experimental ideas into that mod, so it should just give my Brawl to Unreal mod the just fist fighting gameplay in the Unreal campaign and nothing else.

I am dying to make a Deus Ex mod but I've been told on the outside not to make something and get it over and done with, if not for any project. I think quality mods are the way forward but it takes time and it's more hard dealing with situations like new games with better games that have modding features and ideas for paid mods and people heading to those games when leaving behind that maybe it's much easy to mod for games that were released before and haven't done anything like Unreal Gold. Modding is maybe not what it meant to be or it has it's downsides and I think that's something I've kept to myself but then breaking the news regarding it, should have some honour if I ever get around to it.

Yes, this is me with mods! :D I should be ashamed of myself!

Edit: Maybe should have done a mod version mash up video on this.

Me: "Hi, we got a great idea for mods for the Unreal Gold game?"
Tim: "Is it paid mods for Unreal Gold?"
Me: "Oh, just wait until I start my presentation"
*"Paid mods" tagged onto the Unreal Gold logo on Tim's office screen*
Tim: "I'll pay you $20 to get out and never come back here again"

Hoi. Not much progress on mods at the moment because I got pinched to settle something across onto another website (like Facebook) but that's sorted now and the folks on my Facebook access wants me to go back making mods, believe it or not, so that's a relief but that's another story for another time. Had a lot of restructuring and different ideas on approaches and the different ideas or maybe the more input seem to be working. Not what I wanted, I want the easy way out but nope, not content creation taking the easy way out.

At least I can have a chance to explain something interesting about why I am really mining out ideas to be used to make mods worth while and it's not just myself fore-running using the Unreal Engine 1 and with hopes to go after the Deus Ex and Rune crowd and show off if a mod is possible with Undying and etc and etc and have a huge ego about it. Nope, not like that. Very easy to do that.

With Unreal, if not Unreal Gold, if not the entire series, what was your first Unreal game? Was it Unreal Tournament? Unreal Tournament 2004? Unreal 2? My first Unreal game was Unreal Tournament. I played the demo release and I went out of my way to get the full game and to play it. All the times I had playing the game and I couldn't get enough but then I've sat and wondered why I hadn't visited the first Unreal game?

Sometimes, I wished that I had played the first game at the time. I was really into Unreal Tournament that I never thought that I should have played Unreal. Like any teenager, I was following the crowd, played the games that were popular and at the time and made the most out of it. Can't be hepped but for myself, that was almost 20 years ago and I'm sat here with my modding toolbox really trying to get the motivation to finish what I wanted but then what excatly do I want? That's maybe one part of the answer, I really wish I had played Unreal when it was released and popular. I must have been 13 years old when that game was released and at the time, I was playing PC games at the time but I owned and played Magic Carpet, Destruction Derby 2 and (believe it or not) Redneck Rampage. So I want to really breathe some excitement into Unreal and give myself a reason to stick around to play Unreal a bit more.

The other reason is to simply add more value to this one game, if any, could have been Doom or Quake for all I care. The world now a days have so many video games. I've maybe completed loads of video games to date and more along the way because of the pressure out there, completing achievements and etc, so it does feel like spending a lot of money on video games and to run it all, very tough, so making content and professionally in a form of a mod, is a challenge that I've set myself to make a game worth while.

Maybe worth noting that the original PC version of Unreal is sold in Japan for almost $100 dollars and many top developers like SquareEnix and Capcom are using the latest Unreal Engine to make their games, so it's maybe nice enough to give someone in Japan who owns Unreal for the PC a chance to play the game and explore the content if I make a mod for them if I can get there. I have met people recently from other countries who have to pay a lot more to enjoy video games, like from Bulgaria for example, so the idea that one game has more content, is worth it instead of having to play 20 games to fulfil it. It makes modding worth while and I'll have to try to remember that as I continue making Brawl to Unreal.