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The massive Tokyo detonation 20 years after Moscow and Russia were obliterated by the UAD space based railgun stations. Japan had suffered during the war, not as much as other nations like England but still her cities were in ruins. She suffered almost constant air raids to prevent Japanese troops from assisting the Chinese during the invasion in the late war under the Cyber, Grigor the Second.
Their cities were shelled with heavy ordinance from large bombers and small scale nuclear weapons dropped from Novaya Russian Atlas Bombers
But the Japanese people rebuilt themselves under UED guidance
The destruction wrought from Russian bombs were almost completely nonexistant by 10 years post war
Tokyo itself which had seen many atomic strikes by Grigor the Second's air forces had been completely rebuilt into a massive and modern mega city

Post war the UED, with its headquarters in the rebuilt ruins of the US state of Cuba, gave countries specific projects to work on. With an entire world united under them, it felt needed to give large projects to specific nations to tackle
Japan was given Psychic Research
The first known notes on the subject were written by the Ukranian/Novaya Russian Cyberneticist and AI programmer Alexi Septimis
He wrote of a dream he had where a 'black being of many voices' told him of a possible way to control his machines using thoughts
the Japanese had the Psychic research compound built deep in Tokyo in a large facility that spanned over a mile into the ground situated under a massive office building that stretched up over 500 floors
the native Japanese born General Shikishima was tasked with both defending the project and overseeing the city's reconstruction efforts

The research was run exclusively on children, initial tests on adults found that results were less than satisfactory than with children. They had around 30 subjects at all times
about a year into the project's start a cult started up in Tokyo calling themselves the 'Acolytes of the Black God', despite no public knowledge on the facility or where it was located the cultists performed many failed raids on the compound somehow knowing where exactly it was
These cultists were extremely adamant about getting inside the UED research facility, suicide bombers, frequent terrorist attacks and chaos in the streets
the entire affair with the cult would come to a head around a year before the detonation that destroyed half of Tokyo when they claimed the 'avatar of their god' had called out to them saying the avatar of their god was a girl named 'Yuriko'. Coincidentally this was name of the UED's most promising test subject within the compound, a 13 year old japanese girl that exhibited an almost frightening amount of psychic power
In that year that lead up to the detonation things began to grow quite bizarre and terrifying for the UED faculty within the building- people going missing, lights going off, power systems and Cybers malfunctioning with no discernible cause, eviscerated remains of other staff, large unknown constructs wandering the facility attacking doctors and defense troops alike, voices in the minds of the staff and subjects,
things were growing bad and the cult were growing more bold with their supposed Avatar calling to them
about 15 hours before the detonation shit hit the fan, UED General Shikishima was unsuccessfully placed under arrest by the Tokyo authority on charges of treason against the country. Shikishima in turn declared martial law over Tokyo and ordered all major non military government officials to be shot on sight, he discovered the cult had managed to infiltrate the city government
Shikishima's military coup was successful, he managed to convince all but a few units to join his coup while the rest were under the cult's command
during the coup the research facility went dark, what few messages that got out were pretty grim
black creatures cutting their UED troops like wet cardboard, their Cybers were unable to handle the unknown constructs and the creatures were pouring out of the building
when the detonation occured it was nothing like the world had ever seen, it consumed nearly half the city of Tokyo in a massive black sphere then imploded taking with it all of the consumed infrastructure
Shikishima and a few dozen platoons of his men managed to just barely escape the blast

the facility and all the test subjects were destroyed

the UED had enough saved research data on the project to start up their psychic program in the major branches of their armed forces
which consisted of officers that could penetrate the minds of humans and nonhumans and the ability to predict events with unnerving accuracy

The massive destruction wrought by the psychic experiments performed in Neo Tokyo was one of the major factors in the UED deciding to create a permanent off world based colony, research facility and space station. The Space Colony ARK

Sorry for being gone for so long guys

A whole big bunch of stuff happened when I graduated high school, ugh lot of bad stuff
Moved around a lot, college stuff, art drawing, got a girlfriend, lost said girlfriend, came back home, tryin to get a job

Well anyway Im gonna try and be more active here, Ive been practicing my art a lot since Ive been away and if you guys want I can post it up

Ugh lemme sum it up so you guys know

Okay I graduated high school, which I say was really fun, and I moved in with my grandmother for that summer so I could attend college

Weeeeeeeeelllllllllllllll lets just say.... life's a bitch

Grandmother put so much pressure on me I couldnt take college at all and I broke down hard
I had a girlfriend and she moved to Arizona and the shit hit the fan

I went to live with my parents and dad made life utter hell, as if it wasnt bad enough that I was a broken mess he made it much worse

Eventually I moved to arizona (via bus) and lived with my girlfriend until February where she got so paranoid she thought I was cheating on her when I was talking to my cousin and I.. well attempted suicide

Went to a mental hosptial, grandpaw picked me up and took me on a badass trip and brought me home with him last march

Ive spent this entire time trying tp peice together myself since all that crap wrecked me badly up in the head

Im back now and I'll do my best to be more active

Since I've been showing the style of the normal Allied citizen, I thought I'd show you guys what the average morning for a human is as well.

Here's some music to go with it ->

"Good morning Halo City! This is Calbert Patterson at ANN!"
The alarm clock goes off next to your bed, blasting you from your dream. You turn over your covers and see the blue numbers display on it's holo-pad.
"8:30 AM"
"Today is going to have sun from morning until noon, then we expect a 40% chance of light showers..."
Arisen from your memory-pad bed you tap the alarm clock, causing for the radio to turn off. You yawn and look out your apartment window, large buildings cover your view, the streets are packed with people and cars.
You exit your bedroom, the door clicks as it slides open by itself. Your personal AI detects your presence.
"Good morning, what would you like for breakfast? You need to get ready in 10 minutes for work."
It's voice is of a soft female, barely hinting at emotion, but still friendly.
"I'll take the usual, dark coffee, some eggs and some toast."
The machines in your kitchen come to life, plastic arms making food for you. Tired you sit down at your table, a grey plastic slab with four legs. The arms prepare your food on the table, you take a bite into it. The flavor is delectable. As your scarf it down the AI clicks on.
"You have five minutes, I'd hurry if I were you."
You get up from your meal and go to your closet, a small empty room.
"I want something formal, we have anything like that?"
A rack of clothing as you requested springs forth from the floor, you look over and grab what you wanted, a long sleeve and cargo pants. You slip them on and grab your holo-ID for work. You then go out of your apartment, ready for work.

One...take control of me?

Yer messing with the enemy

Said its's another trick

Messin with my mind, I wake up

Chase down an empty street

Blindly snap the broken beats

Said it's cut with a dirty trick

Its taken all these days to find ya

I tell you I want you

I tell you I need you

friends, take control of me

Stalking cross' the gallery

All these pills got to operate

The colour quits and all invade us

There he goes again

Take me to the edge again

All I got is a dirty trick

I'm chasin down the wolves to save ya

I tell you I want you

I'll tell you I need you

I... the blood aint on my face

Just wanted you near me

I tell you I want you

I'll tell you I need you

The blood aint on my hands

Just wanted you near me

I tell you I want you

I'll tell you I need you

The blood aint on my hands

Just wanted you near me


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A lone, shadowy room sits at the top of the citadel called the 'Nightmare Tower'. Within is the buzzing and clicking of many machines and a large steel rack with a man in a bloodied brown trench coat chained to it. Wires protrude from his head and connect to the computers, the man stares downward, trying to ignore the massive pain in his head. A figure steps out of the darkness, a bald man with a goatee and an officer uniform. He has a metal plate attached to the back of his head with wires connecting to his neck and has several odd symbols tatooed to his forehead. His nameis Yuri.
"So Fredrick, have we given up yet? I can make the pain go away at anytime." He spoke in a soft whisper that was amplified by his mental prowess. The words stabbed into the trapped man's head.
"I ain't telling you anything ya bald freak!" Yuri frowned, but he expected this.
"You have lost Fredick! You are the last to not succumb to my mind control. You have no hope, if you will not tell me the secrets to the chronosphere. Then I will rip the thoughts from your head!" Fredrick looked up and looked at Yuri eye to eye,
"Why don't you take a chronoshift TO HELL!" Yuri smiled,
"I do love a challenge." he walked over to a computer terminal and flipped a switch. Heavy electrical pain shot down Fredrick's spine, he screams in agony...
They came from the sky with their parachutes on
Soviet troops, Operation Red Dawn
Bolshevik Commies from the cold war
Back to attack the American shore
They came through the water in their submarines
Soviet troops packed like sardines
Fifty states under red alert
Ready to face the communist troops


Metaltooth Blog

One of my friends has convinced me to create a new story, one not affliated directly with the Corruption. This doesn't mean I am quiting that story all together, I am mearly working on something else for the time being and I will return to it once I have finished this new one.

The Corruption- Bad Ending...

...Shadow then fired his pistol into Metal Overlord, the robot fell onto the ground with a loud clank. Shadow smiled, "It's over Fredrick!" The robot looked up to his attacker, "No, this is a new begining!" It activated a button on it's arm, a great white light then engulfed the universe. While others tried to stop it with the little time they had Shadow didn't. He stood there and realized what was about to happen, knowing that whatever fate, wether it be Heaven, hell or a new life, he knew it would be better than the path he had chosen. As the white light took him, he closed his eyes and thought of good memories...

Another bright and sunny day, a lone Fernian farmer tends to his readied wheat. With several slashes of his scythe the wheat falls to the ground. Unknowing to him an entire universe with all it's history and events had just been destroyed and his universe had taken it's place. Even though he knew of his parents death several years ago and his life so far, it had only exsisted for a few seconds. He then put his cut wheat into a cart with a horse, taking it to the mill. Whatever had happened before the great white light of change no longer exsisted, this new time and universe now took it's place, and as for the Fernian his adventure was about to begin....

And to all of you out there, I have a diviantart account, if you guys actually care,
The End...


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... The Threshold then slowly decended onto Cyber Genocide. The TIE Advanced found a small patch of open concrete to land on, as it did the ground was pushed with grav-lift forces blowing away trash and random derbis.
The main hatch opened as the craft landed, Shadow stepped out.
He took a look around and said, "What a dump."

He put his black shades and took a few steps out. As he did this his communicator went off. He turned on the mic, "Go ahead."
"Shadow our sensors are picking up a robot."
"Shadow smiles, "Surprise"
"No it's comming in fast..." then in a dim yellow flash Metal Sonic tackled him, dragging him at high speed down alleys and large pipes for about a mile through Cyber Genocide, kicking up dirt, rust and slag. Speeding past the many destroyed factories and buildings, the sky of black and brown seemed to melt together as the robot dragged him. It had him by his black jacket, Shadow then used Dark Energy lightning on the robot. It's red eyes flickered, it's jet engine shut off and it dropped Shadow. He rolled on the ground and got to his feet, the robot crashed into a rusted building. "I've had enough of that freak'n Metal Sonic." Shadow dusted his black leather jacket and tightened his combat boots.

Then a fimilar voice sounded on his comunicator, "Anti-Hunter... It's been awhile, or should I call you Shadow?"
It was Metal Overlord. Shadow smiled, "Ah, long time no see! How have you been since I helped Skeybar destroy your blockade?"
Metal Overlord got more serious, "Enough! I have a proposition for you, a race?"
Shadow was intriqued, "Go on."
"Race my Metal Sonic, if you win I might allow you to live."
"And if I lose?"
"Robotisiacion and disasembly."
Shadow smiles, "Let me fetch my bike." Then Shadow's motorcycle chronoshifted beside him. It was a Reservist Combat Cycle, painted black and red. With a photocycling engine it could reach a top speed of 200 mph and that's without the modifications Shadow added. He mounted it and smiled. Metal Sonic then got to the ready posistion beside Shadow, it's streamlined figure was menacing but Shadow wasn't fazed.He turned his headlight on and rev'd the engine. An alarm then sounded, Shadow and Metal Sonic took off and began racing through the large track on Cyber Genocide. Twists and turns, through and out of bombed out factories and destroyed buildings. The dark polluted sky above and the blasted base below, it was a race of the ages. The robot managed to keep the lead but Shadow was ready to play dirty. With a press of a button two pulse machineguns began firing from his motorcycle in an atempt to down Metal Sonic.

Bullets pinged off the back of Metal Sonic. It noticed and reversed its jet engine and turned around. It faced Shadow and began firing it's wrist mounted blasters. Shadow dodged and weaved past the blasts, narrowly getting hit. After a few vollies the robot turned back around and went full blast, shooting way ahead of Shadow.
"Oh no you don't!" He kicked the throttle and shot to the bike's top speed eventually catching up to Metal Sonic. Up ahead Shadow noticed something on the track, a large ring with an open portal maintained by a Time Stone. The track stopped right at it, he and Metal Sonic shot right through it. On the other side the track continued into what looked like a new world. A large cityscape, huge bright lights, a rusted track covered in pipes and a large eletrical storm covering the entire sky.

Shadow, racing down the track, yelled, "HA! STARDUST SPEEDWAY!" As they continued racing down the track the storm began getting violent. Destroying parts of the track and the city. It had an explosive touch, ripping apart the track. Shadow dodged the lightning and avoided the gaps. Metal Sonic flew past such gaps. Shadow began shooting at the robot again, but having the same effect. The bullets having no damage. Then the unexpected, the robot began making a humming noise. A few moment after eletricty then covered the robot. Then Metal Sonic began slowing down right towards Shadow.
"Ah Crap!" Shadow yelled. He then got an idea, he gunned it. Just in the few moments before collison, Shadow lifted his front wheel. It allowed the bike to skid right over Metal Sonic, he rode right ahead of the robot.
"Eat it blue boy!" Shadow taunted. Ahead Shadow saw another ring. "Bring it!" He rode into it with Metal right behind. The track went into a world of large decrepted factories, all falling apart and bellowing black smoke. The bulidings were heavily rusted and falling apart, leaking chemicals were everywhere. The track was now a large concrete interstate in not the best shape. The entrie city looked as if it could fall apart at any moment. As Shadow continued a highway sign caught his eye, "Metropolis..." Without warning Metal Sonic shot right past Shadow. He was furious until he heard a large rumble behind him. Shadow looked behind him and saw a large Silver Sonic leaping building to building, chasing him.

"Crap!" Shadow gunned it to keep from being struck by the destructive machine. As Shadow managed to catch up with Metal, the large Silver went into a spin-dash,. Tearing up the interstate behind Metal. Shadow continued to drive as fast as he could to keep from being dismembered. The vibrations from Silver were taking their toll on the decaying Metropolis, causing buildings to fall apart and large pipes and beams to fly out. Shadow, realizing that the track was next, began desperatly looking for the next warp ring to the next world. After a few moments he saw it, he boosted his engine to get to the ring before he was killed. He went into the ring and came back to Cyber Genocide, all hell had broken loose. The Allied fleet was tearing the city apart, heavy autoguns and cannons were ripping apart the old factories and buildings. Peacekeepers and Reservists supported by armor and aircraft were fighting Confederate Shadowbots and Legion tanks. He had to get out of there.

Shadow needed a plan. Then as if a stroke of Bad Luck, Silver Sonic came out of the warp ring behind him. The hulking robot was now destroying the track in Cyber Genocide.
Shadow now realized he needed to get to the Allied ships somehow, "Command! Do you copy!" Shadow yelled at his comunicator.
A reply came, "This is Admiral Skeybar, go ahead Shadow."
Shadow was relived, "Mission complete, request EVAC." Then a downed Hawker Jumpjet crashed into the track. It exploded on impact, sending out pieces of charred blue steel and rusted metal everywhere.
Shadow narrowly lost his balance, he then yelled, "COMMAND! EVAC! NOW!"
Skeybar's voice responded, "I copy, we're sending a Pelican dropship." Shadow continued down the track, trying to lose the two Sonic bots, but to no avail. To make matters worse the smog was making visability difficult. Just as the black smoke of industry and war was about to overcome him, an incredibly bright lightput it's gaze on him. To his relief it was the pelican.
"This is Lambda 117, we're ready to pick you up Shadow." Shadow sighed, "Get in front and I'll jump in." The pelican, once it came into view it was a sterling silver color with blue paint decals and the Reservist logo on both wings. It dropped to almost five feet above the track and stayed ahead of Shadow. Metal Sonic then caught up beside Shadow.
He pulled a N-99 sidearm, "Sorry mate, I play to win..." Shadow fired the full clip into Metal, the heavy caliber bullets disabled and pushed Metal Sonic off the track.
"Heh, cheap robot." Shadow gunned his motorcycle and managed to land inside the pelican.
Shadow stepped off the bike, and remebered, "Ah, crap it." To his dismay, he turned around just before Silver Sonic collided into the pelican from behind...

The void.....

Metaltooth Blog

The void, a vast emptiness between other universes.

Becoming trapped here is certian hell. If you are unlucky enough for a trans-dimesional portal to close before you make it to the other side this is your fate.

No sense of reality exsists here.
You never age
You never get tired
You never get hungary
You never get thirsty
You never die
and there's no chance of rescue...

You only have what was in contact with you...

The void looks like most of this blog... empty bright light.... forever...

War Report

Metaltooth Blog

The outcome of the Battle of Fernis was unexpected.

Not only did Fredrick not roboticise it, he allowed all unarmed and wounded civialians back to Allied Space.
But this is still war...

Fredrick has now set his sights on Little Planet, the Allies will not let him gain another victory and have moblized the Recon Peacekeepers to stop him. If the Allies can gain a victory here they might gain momentum.

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