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A lone, shadowy room sits at the top of the citadel called the 'Nightmare Tower'. Within is the buzzing and clicking of many machines and a large steel rack with a man in a bloodied brown trench coat chained to it. Wires protrude from his head and connect to the computers, the man stares downward, trying to ignore the massive pain in his head. A figure steps out of the darkness, a bald man with a goatee and an officer uniform. He has a metal plate attached to the back of his head with wires connecting to his neck and has several odd symbols tatooed to his forehead. His nameis Yuri.
"So Fredrick, have we given up yet? I can make the pain go away at anytime." He spoke in a soft whisper that was amplified by his mental prowess. The words stabbed into the trapped man's head.
"I ain't telling you anything ya bald freak!" Yuri frowned, but he expected this.
"You have lost Fredick! You are the last to not succumb to my mind control. You have no hope, if you will not tell me the secrets to the chronosphere. Then I will rip the thoughts from your head!" Fredrick looked up and looked at Yuri eye to eye,
"Why don't you take a chronoshift TO HELL!" Yuri smiled,
"I do love a challenge." he walked over to a computer terminal and flipped a switch. Heavy electrical pain shot down Fredrick's spine, he screams in agony...
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I love other time-lines a lot, this one is #7 I think.

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