I like Combat Arms - my nick is Knife098 if someone want to play with me. I also develop my own game - Bloody Job.

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Main rules of my game

Kiel97 Blog

1. Bloody Job is FPS Action Game for Windows and Mac.
2. Objective of the game is to survive as many as possible waves of zombies.
3. That zombies are getting into the map through windows, which are boarded up.
4. At windows there are always 6 beams.
5. For hitting zombie in head, player got 50points.
6. For hitting zombie in other parts of body, player got 10points.
7. For killing zombie player got no points.
8. For repairing a beam, player got 10points (60points for all window).
9. Player can use his points by opening doors (500 - 5000points) or buying weapons (300 - 25000points).
10. Player can bought a weapon (B), ammunition (N) or find at whole map.
11. Bought weapon is empty, player should buy some ammunition (100-1000points per box) and reload it.
12. Rare/Epic weapons cannot be bought, player can found them at map only.
13. Player uses stamina, when he runs and hits (0,5 for melee weapon; 1 for others)
14. Player losts health, when he fell from 2,5 meters and higher or got hit by zombies or near exploding.
15. Player can have at one moment only primary, secondary, melee, punch and explosive weapons.
16. Health and stamina can regen (health quicker than stamina)
17. Player can have only stamina as many health.
18. Rare/epic weapon have different shoot sound than original.

1st Annoucement

Kiel97 Blog

Hey there,
Due to various events and family's festival, I haven't done anything for 3 weeks. I'm very sorry, but through that 3 weekends I was almost all time away from my house, where I have project's files on my PC. What a pity Unity 3D hasn't got a portable version or something, what I can install even on Dropbox, but I prefer pendrive. Scripting isn't a problem, Audio and Graphic also aren't. Just that engine.
Next case, I'm wondering about website. In my opinion, I would need a website only for discussion about a game. I found a forum generator called forumotion.com . What do you think about it? Is good enough for standard user?
And last case, even I don't know when I register a game project. It's complicated because I have my PC has about 6 years and is old enough to make recording videos as impossible task. Meantime I play Gothic 1. ;) Goes cool on this crap.
I must wait for a new computer, maybe at spring 2013?

Thanks for reading and wish me I start back finally my project ;)


Time to start bringing new project ;-)

Kiel97 Blog

I pretty don't know how to tell the world that I'm making my first game. It's so awful now, but I'll do my best ;-) There are some Q&A, but if you want more information about that project, I'll tell them. I'm so fresh on IndieDB.com and I don't know all basics, so everything I'm writing here, on blog. When I discover better features for all things, I'll make corrects.

Q: What's the game's name?
A: I called this Bloody Job. It will something like Nazi Zombies Mode in COD:WaW and Nazi Zombies: Portable ( Moddb.com )

Q: Why I'm making this game so the two above, which I counted, are better?
A: Because I have vision of the features, which I want show to the world. For example, buying weapons like in CS 1.6, modern/present theme instead of WWII, and, the most important, for motivation! When I wouldn't create an account there and didn't post this on blog, I would abandon the game caused by my laziness, but I'll try to do my best to not abandon the project ;-)

Q: What's my main objective while I'm making my game?
A: I have 2 my most important objectives.
1st is "Making a game without spending any money on software, even for paid tutorials!"
so the 2nd is just learn something about creating games, knowledge about graphic 2D/3D and some computer languages (C#, "Javascript\")

Q: What modes will have this game?
A: Sure single-player survival, but I don't know if there will be CO-OP multiplayer when I publish game. Maybe.

Q: On which platform the game will be released?
A: Looking at the possibility of Unity Free, the game will be published only on Windows (32 and 64 bit) and Mac

Q: What software I use making my game?
A: For 27 October 2012, I have used so far: Blender 2.64, GIMP, Unity 3.5.6 Free and Monodevelop

Q: This game will be free?
A: Yes, of course. I can't imagine that you will pay for the game, which is so awful :-D

Q: How it looks so far?
A: For 27 October 2012( or today :-D ) : Indiedb.com

Sorry for my bad English and thank you so much for reading this post.
Wish me good luck, because I work alone ;-)

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