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I pretty don't know how to tell the world that I'm making my first game. It's so awful now, but I'll do my best ;-) There are some Q&A, but if you want more information about that project, I'll tell them. I'm so fresh on IndieDB.com and I don't know all basics, so everything I'm writing here, on blog. When I discover better features for all things, I'll make corrects.

Q: What's the game's name?
A: I called this Bloody Job. It will something like Nazi Zombies Mode in COD:WaW and Nazi Zombies: Portable ( Moddb.com )

Q: Why I'm making this game so the two above, which I counted, are better?
A: Because I have vision of the features, which I want show to the world. For example, buying weapons like in CS 1.6, modern/present theme instead of WWII, and, the most important, for motivation! When I wouldn't create an account there and didn't post this on blog, I would abandon the game caused by my laziness, but I'll try to do my best to not abandon the project ;-)

Q: What's my main objective while I'm making my game?
A: I have 2 my most important objectives.
1st is "Making a game without spending any money on software, even for paid tutorials!"
so the 2nd is just learn something about creating games, knowledge about graphic 2D/3D and some computer languages (C#, "Javascript\")

Q: What modes will have this game?
A: Sure single-player survival, but I don't know if there will be CO-OP multiplayer when I publish game. Maybe.

Q: On which platform the game will be released?
A: Looking at the possibility of Unity Free, the game will be published only on Windows (32 and 64 bit) and Mac

Q: What software I use making my game?
A: For 27 October 2012, I have used so far: Blender 2.64, GIMP, Unity 3.5.6 Free and Monodevelop

Q: This game will be free?
A: Yes, of course. I can't imagine that you will pay for the game, which is so awful :-D

Q: How it looks so far?
A: For 27 October 2012( or today :-D ) : Indiedb.com

Sorry for my bad English and thank you so much for reading this post.
Wish me good luck, because I work alone ;-)

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