I like Combat Arms - my nick is Knife098 if someone want to play with me. I also develop my own game - Bloody Job.

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1. Bloody Job is FPS Action Game for Windows and Mac.
2. Objective of the game is to survive as many as possible waves of zombies.
3. That zombies are getting into the map through windows, which are boarded up.
4. At windows there are always 6 beams.
5. For hitting zombie in head, player got 50points.
6. For hitting zombie in other parts of body, player got 10points.
7. For killing zombie player got no points.
8. For repairing a beam, player got 10points (60points for all window).
9. Player can use his points by opening doors (500 - 5000points) or buying weapons (300 - 25000points).
10. Player can bought a weapon (B), ammunition (N) or find at whole map.
11. Bought weapon is empty, player should buy some ammunition (100-1000points per box) and reload it.
12. Rare/Epic weapons cannot be bought, player can found them at map only.
13. Player uses stamina, when he runs and hits (0,5 for melee weapon; 1 for others)
14. Player losts health, when he fell from 2,5 meters and higher or got hit by zombies or near exploding.
15. Player can have at one moment only primary, secondary, melee, punch and explosive weapons.
16. Health and stamina can regen (health quicker than stamina)
17. Player can have only stamina as many health.
18. Rare/epic weapon have different shoot sound than original.

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