Nazi Zombies: PortableNazi Zombies: Portable

Nazi Zombies: Portable is a Call of Duty: Zombies de-make powered by various enhanced forks of the Quake engine, and has been in development since 2009.

The game itself is mostly feature-equivalent with Call of Duty: World at War on a generic level. Gameplay components are implemented, with some parity differences, but most World at War maps and their gimmicks are not yet represented. Various small features from Call of Duty: Black Ops are present, but not on as wide of a scale as compared to World at War.

- NZ:P Alpha released on 25 December, 2010
- NZ:P Beta 1.1 released on 29 May, 2012
- NZ:P 1.0 Demo released on 25 December, 2014
- NZ:P 2.0.0 has been in development since February, 2016

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Sorry for the delay!
Real life has begun catching up again, so this month was a lot of me in maintenance mode, fixing bugs and finishing up some stuff on the backburner! That isn't to say the content this month wasn't interesting though :)

I've seen a lot of love on Patreon recently and for that I want to say, thanks a ton! I'll continue to make it worth your while, even if things slow down a bit. I always put a lot of time and consideration into my contributions.

Finalized Support for NZ:P Beta Maps


Hoorah! Compatibility with classic maps from the "Beta" (2011) era has been released on all platforms. I had done a lot of work to get this off the ground, testing dozens of maps individually, and creating + implementing a new major build component to the development pipeline in order to sufficiently and efficiently accommodate most maps. Please note that this is **not perfect**. There are maps that have unavoidable problems based on how they are built. Some have problems but can be mitigated, others do not. This is due to a lot of core/architectural game related differences, but I am very happy with the results regardless!

So grab one (or some!) of your favorite "Beta" maps and give them a try!

Enhancements for Standard func_door Quake Entities

Mappers rejoice! func_door entities now have enhanced and fixed behaviors allowing them to be better integrated into your levels now, including support for opening Waypoints! No more func_wall killtarget hacks :)

Weapon System Enhancements

I've done quite a bit of cleanup and some feature restoration for NZ:P's Weapon Core. Here are the big bullet points:

  • Weapon Spread now increases over time when Hip Firing
  • A lot of core internal systems are being migrated to primarily data-driven implementations, for custom weapon support in the future :)
  • General Code Cleanup
  • Sniper Sway is FINALLY implemented on FTEQW, because I forgot it was absent for years.
  • Wonder Weapons no longer play the Pack-A-Punch fire sound effect
  • Toggle ADS mode was re-written to be less broken

Sniper Sway is also completely absent if you have Deadshot Daiquiri, adding more usefulness to the Perk while improving Parity :)

Co-Op Pause/Chat Indicators

Co-Op Players can now see when someone is Typing in Chat or has their game Paused, assisting in determining whether or not you need to provide assistance.

FTE View-Model Rewrite

The way View Models are rendered and implemented in CSQC have been completely redone from scratch. Here's the gist of what this means for you:

  • Fixes a long-standing interpolation bug when switching models
  • Accurate walk and sprint bobbing compared to other platforms
  • Unified weapon definitions for Aim Down Sight positions
  • Removes all issues with playing at low frame-rates
  • Viewmodel "slack" (has to catch up with fast camera movements)

I also took the opportunity to add the idle and subtle Aim bobbing to the other platforms too, so everyone benefited from this :)

Screen Fading Capabilities

(Mind the broken viewbob!)

While fixing a lot of the CSQC implementation's bloated protocols to improve networking performance, I decided to enhance the Game Over fade system to be more modular, allowing for QC-specified fade types, durations, and colors. This allowed for the game to fade in at start, and for a proper Nuke Power-Up flash!

Double Tap Perk-A-Cola Fixes

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This one was a little hard to visualize, so I offered my previous explanation in place. The summary: Double Tap now properly impacts automatic weapons in general, and has a more accurate-feeling stat :)

Documentation Updates

Reminder that I maintain a Documentation page! I've updated the Trenchbroom template base to include the automatic dark mode detection, and added information on some of the NZ:P-exclusive trigger entities, including a new trigger, trigger_awardpoints, which can be used to implement Perk-A-Cola change underneath the machine :)

Barricade Re-model

Thanks to MissLavender-LQ for contributing a new Barricade mesh, that is more proportionally accurate to Call of Duty, and has a snazzy new texture!

IN-PROGRESS: Major UI Overhaul

I have begun work on re-writing the CSQC menu system to test out a new UI design, that will be more user-personalized and interesting to look at! Menu backgrounds are taken from YOUR custom maps folders, and the menu music is configurable via a cvar, so you will be able to make NZ:P your own a little more than before.

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See you next month!

Thanks to my Patrons!

  • Rinse a Gateau Mandate
  • Benjamin Engelhardt
  • mochi
  • Ryan Baldwin
  • Derped Crusader
  • MissLavender
  • LEXX
  • Dawai
  • Tony The Bird
  • Jeiku
  • Marcos Mata
  • Shaun Zafar
  • Swoop
  • Bobthebob
  • DukeofLeet
December 2023 Update Report

December 2023 Update Report


The monthly update report for December of 2023. Lots of cool stuff, and information on a new port!

November 2023 Update Report

November 2023 Update Report

News 2 comments

NZ:P Project Update Report for November of 2023. Can you believe it, even MORE cool stuff?!?!

October 2023 Update Report

October 2023 Update Report

News 1 comment

NZ:P Project Update Report for October of 2023. Even MORE cool stuff!

September 2023 Update Report

September 2023 Update Report

News 3 comments

NZ:P Project Update Report for September of 2023. Even more cool stuff!

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NZ:P Demo 1.0 WAW Sounds - V2

NZ:P Demo 1.0 WAW Sounds - V2

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Sounds added: - Perk sounds - Weapons: colt, kar98, thompson - Proper windows sounds - Steps: player and zombie steps from WAW - Headshot sounds - Power...

NZ:P Demo 1.0 WAW Sounds - V1

NZ:P Demo 1.0 WAW Sounds - V1

NZ:P Original WAW sounds for DEMO 1.0 Full Version 2 comments

First Release. Download RAR, then extract the nzp folder and replace the original one.

Nazi Zombies Portable v1.0 Source Code

Nazi Zombies Portable v1.0 Source Code

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Now for the first time in nazi zombies portable history, we are going full on open source! Enjoy this Christmas gift. Remember to give the credit where...

Nazi Zombies Portable 1.0 PSP

Nazi Zombies Portable 1.0 PSP

Demo 61 comments

Hello Nazi Zombies Portable Fans! After what was a lengthy hiatus, Jukki, Ju[s]tice, and I (Blubs) are proud to present to you the Demo.... ...exactly...

NZ:P MAC Beta 1.1

NZ:P MAC Beta 1.1

Demo 100 comments

This new updated release adds jam-packed features to ensure that you'll be playing nzp for centuries to come! New features include... -Pack a Punch- Upgrade...

NZ:P Original Sounds

NZ:P Original Sounds

NZ:P Original Sounds Audio 6 comments

*NOT MY ORIGINAL FILES!* Place the sounds folder into the nzp folder in your NZ:P folder on PSP and or PC. you DO have to convert some to mono. Just use...

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anesess - - 3 comments

where link download ??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

how do you create a map? I already looked for a tutorial on the internet and I did not find anything, with what program is it done?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
truenightmare - - 1,558 comments

The newest program is called Jackhammer.

There are video tutorials on my channel from 2011

or you can check the main forums for mapping tutorials, its best to join the discord

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TenAte108 - - 111 comments

Nazi Zombies Portable Review:


Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
OrangePython - - 2 comments

Oh gosh, I hope we can see a (legally distinct) fork of NZP added to the Quake Enhanced add-on page someday :3 If you do contact Nightdive about that, please let us know what they say! ;D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
blubswillrule Creator
blubswillrule - - 561 comments


Reply Good karma+3 votes
Derped_Crusader - - 971 comments

Is this game dead?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TenAte108 - - 111 comments

CoD Zombies franchise are the most alive CoD franchise, kids who can't afford console or PC want to play CoD zombies, PSP community is very active

then no, this mod is not dead, there is also a reboot version

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 687,512 comments

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