Hello there and welcome to my profile, I work with technology in ICT. So is there anything I can help you with today? Information about Games, HTML, Movie info, Normal TV-Series or something else perhaps? I also have opportunities to help with ModDB profilers backgrounds and music, if there is anything send me a PM.

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ST K J18

It's time for me to go back to Denmark!

I not been as active as I usually are on this website. I had too much work that had to be done, but all that is done... so yeah I'm going on a vacation to Denmark again tomorrow, so I'm not going to have the opportunity to respond to PM and do other things. Just hope I'm not going to break a bone again like last time... hehe.. But yeah gone for 2 weeks just want you guys to know that if anyone is asking for me.

Also I been ask many times if the K-J contest will go on this year as well. Like I said last time "I got plans for it, so do not worry about it" so it's a high possibility that there will be contest this year too and since I done working, I can put more of my free time here again with new game news and more update for groups that I can start with when I get back from the vacation.

ST K J18

yy 0122

Happy New Year 2018!

Some information, what's going to happen in 2018

Time goes fast now, not sure what's going to happen next. All I know right now is that in january will I reveal who won in the Chrismas K-J contest and there will come more Anime wallpapers for those who want more of those. These are the days that you will find out who won:

  • 16.01.18 / Just Cause™ 3 / One has the opportunity to win.
  • 17.01.18 / Company of Heroes Franchise Edition / One has the opportunity to win.
  • 18.01.18 / Total War Grand Master Collection / One has the opportunity to win.
  • 20.01.18 / Bonus Contest "K-J ~ Gift Ticket" / One has the opportunity to win.
  • 22.01.18 / K-J ~ Gift Ticket / Three has the opportunity to win this ticket.

For the Bonus contest, I will reveal where all the "Kark-Jocke" parts were hidden in the wallpapers the same time when the winning images comes in the description. I just surprised that there were not many who participated in the Bonus contest and many who participated in the last one for the same price.

I just hope you all enjoyed the contest. If there are going to be a contest next time, the price will most likely just be "K-J Ticket" since Steam closed the gift part. So I wish you all a Happy New Year!

M C K J 2017

Merry Christmas to everyone here on the website!

GameFront - ModDB - IndieDB - SlideDB - VRDB

Look at that! It's Christmas again already! So yeah folks Merry Christmas! Right now I'm not going to be as active I normaly are here on this website, not only because of Christmas, but I'm going to move to a new place which will take me a week time. So it will be a bit difficult for me to reply to messages, but I will make sure that the contest will go on! So you all have a great day ahead and enjoy christmas time!

N Y W16

~ A brand new year is here again! ~

Some information, what's going to happen in 2017

This year has gone amazingly fast, after what I think. I've been so busy with work all the time that has made it difficult for me to make games news for this year. I used the little free time I had here and a little on steam. Now I got myself a new contract that will make sure I get dubbelt payed and more free time. which means I have the ability to respond to more of the PM and create more news to keep you guys more updated. So all I have to say now is Happy New Year to you all! ^_^

764347 Kopi

Merry Christmas to everyone here on the website!

I want to say say Merry Christmas to everybody in here before I go to my family for four Christmas Eve. Amazing to think that Christmas is here again so fast and do not forget that last part of the Christmas competition has started, so Merry Christmas! I see you guys later! ^_^

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Announced!

~ New adventures with other characters ~

Sony fielded fully loaded guns under PlayStation Experience Conference's in Anaheim, California Saturday night 3. des. Playstation is now 22 years old who started in 1994, so they started with presenting the new DLC/Stand alone game from Uncharted made by " Naughty Dog "


From all the other Uncharted games, we have had the joy of playing Nathan Drake. But since he are retired, so are we going to play as Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross on a treasure hunt instead. PlayStation Experience also showed a new game for The Last of Us, that you can see more of here: ModDB.com

~ Watch the newes trailer of the game below this ~


Red Dead Redemption 2 ~ Have now been confirmed!

~ Trailer coming thursday, october 20 at 11 AM ET ~

Rockstar has been asked several times for many years if there are any possibilities for a new game of Red Dead and now, Rockstar confirms that there will be a new game of it. They also told that there will be a trailer of the game in two days from now on Thursday, october 20 at 11 AM ET.

To see more of this, visit the website here: Rockstargames.com

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar G

Rockstar hinting about new game on its way!

~ A lot of people think it's going to be a new game of Red Dead ~

Rockstar loaded recently up a picture of their logo with a red background in the light of rereleasen to Red Dead Revolver could mean a new game of Red Dead. Whether we should call it Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead 3 is perhaps a little early to adopt, but something happens at least at Rockstar Games. Also there may be a port for PC Red Dead Redemption, but nothing has been clarified from Rockstars page yet.

What game do you think it's going to be?

To see more of this, visit the website here: Rockstargames.com

call of duty infinite warfare li

Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare – Story Trailer

~ Watch the new trailer to understand more about the new COD game ~

When the new COD "Infinite Warfare" game was showed, a lot of people who didn't like the new trailer which also has more then 3 millions dislikes on YouTube today. But nobody can say that the quality in the game is bad. Infinity Ward Company are now trying to make a game about the future and how it will may look like with a brand new story of technology, I myself am looking forward to this game.


"After a simultaneous surprise attack on UNSA forces in Geneva and the Moon Port Gateway, Lt. Nick Reyes must take the helm of the Retribution, one of Earth’s last remaining warships. In a time of unthinkable adversity, Reyes must lead his trusted crew against the relentless Settlement Defense Front’s plans to dominate all who oppose them."

~ Watch the new trailer of Infinite Warfare below this ~

trico and the boy in the last gu

The Last Guardian is postponed again...

"Fumito Ueda's new adventure will now launch on 7th December 2016"

The anticipated game The Last Guardian is once again been postponed. This time with a few weeks, reports PlayStation.blog This was due mainly that the developers have discovered several unexpected errors than expected. Therefore, they choose to defer to deliver such a polished experience as possible.

last guardian action adventure f

They promise that they are working hard to get the title finished in time for the new release date is now December 7th in Europe, instead of October 25, which was first announced earlier this year. Considering how long the game has been in production, is not even longer wait the worst that could happen.

~ Watch trailer of the game below this ~