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Well, i have repaired PC, something was wrong with HDD and HDD related crap. But even better, i have repaired my old'n'dead Nvidia 8600 GTS :D

It works pretty good&fast right now, but i think it will work as long as i pray. I am glad because it's better than my ATI Radeon 4650 HD

Soon, maybe, i will upgrade my pc to something better, i will buy new Motherboard, Processor and RAM. SO i will have better platform to waste my life make mods.

Now i have my good ol' Nvidia with freshly installed Windows XP, splendid.

O hi there fellas, i am here with some news.

Well, my PC is completly dead, i guess it's motherboard, because she/he/what can't read HDD in right way, HDD is ok, that means all my mods is alright.

Oh well, it's was a long time with it, around 5 years, I brought it like - 512 mb of ram ( DDR1 ) 256 Nvidia ( don't remember which but it was old ), 1.88ghz Athlon and 160 GB HDD. Now it is 2 gb of ram, 512 ATI Radeon HD 4650 ( shit ), 1.88ghz Athlon and 160 gb HDD.

At least there are some good news as i finally can rest from mods and all modding shit i had. But don't worry, when i will got new PC i will continue them.

Now i have my ultra nerdy 600 mhz laptop with 4gb of HDD, splendid! ( Asus EEEPC 701 4G )

I also have OOOOOOOLLLLDDDD laptops, first one is monochrome, and second one with 326 mhz, i will sell them soon on EBay, i think. If you want to buy them - i will be happy.

You might ask me about some my mods progress like GenEvo.

I must say i am still working on it, well, not me, but Omega Group, let me put few words about them - they are group of talented people, they are now helping me to make GUI for GenEvo. In other side, our texture artist making skins for new models ( well i hope ), dunno about other team members, we weren't in contact long time ago.

I also worked some on my Enhanced mod for HL2 last time, last thing i done was converting some animated textures in a sprite sheets, such a pain in ass but it's worth it.

What about C&C : Sys Mod, i dunno, didn't worked on it long time, will finish it when will have new PC, anyways this mod isn't so popular, it was just an experiment, so i need to think about release it.

Thank's for listening and have fun.

She is watching, you might be next!



Collecting stuff for more games :D

Mah Profile in da steam

My old gameplay vids, used fraps to record it, Hope you like it.

My PC is dead. Not all, just video card ( NVidia 8600 gts ).

I haven't money anymore.

Can't complete GenEvo mod .

I'm only have shitty laptop ( asus eeepc 4G ) ( even hl1 lags on it )

Soon i will post news on Moddb Profile.

Greetz GuNsHiP

P.S Don't buy Nvidia :/

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Hell yeah!

I got new video card!

Mah old one : ATI Radeon X1300/X1550 Series. lame

New One : Nvidia GEForce 8600 gts. WIN

Old Ram : 1024 mb.

New Ram : 2048 mb.

I tested it and i impressed!

Half-Life 2 : Episode 2 --- 60 - 200 ( O_o ) FPS
RA3 --- 60 FPS

SO check new screens!

Mah RA3 : Uprising ScreensMah RA3 : Uprising ScreensMah RA3 : Uprising ScreensMah RA3 : Uprising ScreensMah RA3 : Uprising ScreensMah RA3 : Uprising Screens

O hai guise! LOL jk.

This is List of mah favorite music :

1) Prodigy - My Favorites
2) Linkin Park - Good voices and music
3) Disturbed - Some songs are amazing
4) System Of A Down - Roxx
5) Chemical Brothers - Good songs
6) Gorillaz - just cool
7) Rob Zombie - Few songs
8) System Of A Down - Roxx
9) Kelly Bailey - Half-life 1&2 Songs
10) 50 cent - Very old songs of 50 cent
11) Snoop Dogg - For relaxation :D

As you can see i love Rock :D and Techno ( Punk-Techno)

Have a nice day fellas.

What you want to see here?? HL2 Episode 3 Download Link?


Valve Games

Half-life : Opposing Force
Half-life : Blue Shift
Half-life 1 ( over 300 mods )
Half-life : Counter-Strike
Half-life : Counter Strike Beta ( Version 6.1 )
Half-life : Counter Strike Beta ( Version 5.2 )
Half-life : Counter Strike Beta ( Version 3.1 )
Half-life 2
Half-life 2 : Lost Coast
Half-Life 2 : Episode One
Half-Life 2 : Garry's Mod
Half-Life 2 : Episode Two
Half-life 2 : Beta by Annon
Half-Life 2 : Leaked Counter-Strike Source
Half-life 2 : Leaked Half-life Source
Half-life 2 ( over 50 mods )
Half-life 2 : Day of Defeat Source
Half-life 1 : Source
Half-life 2 : Counter-Strike Source
Half-life 2 : DeathMatch
Team Fortress 2
Portal : Prelude

Other :

Serious Sam : First Ecounter
Serious Sam : Second Ecounter
Serious Sam HD : First Ecounter
Serious Sam HD : Second Ecounter
Serious Sam 2

F.E.A.R. : Extraction Point
F.E.A.R. : Perseus Mandate
F.E.A.R. 2
F.E.A.R. 2 : Reborn

Red Faction
Red Faction 2

Command&Conquer : Tiberium Dawn
Command&Conquer : Tiberian Sun
Command&Conquer : Tiberian Sun : Firestorm
Command&Conquer : Red Alert
Command&Conquer : Red Alert 2
Command&Conquer : Red Alert 3
Command&Conquer : Tiberium Wars
Command&Conquer : Tiberium Wars : Kane's Wrath
Command&Conquer : Generals
Command&Conquer : Generals : Zero Hour
Command&Conquer : Generals ( over 10 mods )
Command&Conquer : Generals : Zero Hour ( over 20 mods )
Command&Conquer : Renegade
Command&Conquer 4 : Tiberium Twilight ( FAIL )

Call of Duty
Call of Duty 2
Call Of Duty 3
Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare
Call of Duty : World At War
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

Soldier of Fortune
Soldier of Fortune : Double Helix

BattleField : 1943
BattleField 2
BattleField : Bad Company 2

Beat Hazard
Warzone 2100
Crysis : Warhead
Duke Nukem 3D
Doom 2
Doom 3
Quake 1
Quake 2
Quake 3

Thats not all :) i'm just not remember.

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