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O hi there fellas, i am here with some news.

Well, my PC is completly dead, i guess it's motherboard, because she/he/what can't read HDD in right way, HDD is ok, that means all my mods is alright.

Oh well, it's was a long time with it, around 5 years, I brought it like - 512 mb of ram ( DDR1 ) 256 Nvidia ( don't remember which but it was old ), 1.88ghz Athlon and 160 GB HDD. Now it is 2 gb of ram, 512 ATI Radeon HD 4650 ( shit ), 1.88ghz Athlon and 160 gb HDD.

At least there are some good news as i finally can rest from mods and all modding shit i had. But don't worry, when i will got new PC i will continue them.

Now i have my ultra nerdy 600 mhz laptop with 4gb of HDD, splendid! ( Asus EEEPC 701 4G )

I also have OOOOOOOLLLLDDDD laptops, first one is monochrome, and second one with 326 mhz, i will sell them soon on EBay, i think. If you want to buy them - i will be happy.

You might ask me about some my mods progress like GenEvo.

I must say i am still working on it, well, not me, but Omega Group, let me put few words about them - they are group of talented people, they are now helping me to make GUI for GenEvo. In other side, our texture artist making skins for new models ( well i hope ), dunno about other team members, we weren't in contact long time ago.

I also worked some on my Enhanced mod for HL2 last time, last thing i done was converting some animated textures in a sprite sheets, such a pain in ass but it's worth it.

What about C&C : Sys Mod, i dunno, didn't worked on it long time, will finish it when will have new PC, anyways this mod isn't so popular, it was just an experiment, so i need to think about release it.

Thank's for listening and have fun.

She is watching, you might be next!


Very sad to hear this.

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We're want new version of RS mod.

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well i am looking forward to sys (wrath) mod :)

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