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The Warmongers

Mod review

This is a partial review as I haven't beat main CS story line in Warmonger YET. This will be updated as I progress.

Mutant AI is complete garbage.
Most of the time, you can stand next to a bloodsucker from a 'mutant squad' guarding a camp, and it won't deviate from aggressive-idle behavior (still running/pacing while in cloak while growling).
Also, I cannot damage the cloaked bloodsuckers (I don't recall this being a thing).
- It would have been great if there was an option to jump straight to freeplay/Faction-Wars mode from the start (like in Call Of Chernobyl).

+ Weapon variety is nice, as is the boosted damage done by firearms.

- Couldn't return to Cordon after visiting Dark Valley. It CTD's after trying to load Cordon.
Uninstalled after that.
AI can be weird. Sometimes (most often mutants will ignore you until you enter the perimeter of their camps, but the odd mutant {one dog in Dark Valley} will be unusually persistent in chasing you down {the latter case I am not complaining about}).


Mount & Blade: Warband

Game review

Honestly the game with the greatest longevity I’ve ever known, especially when taking into account community content.

It is a game you will keep coming back to to play for over 6 years. As long as computers are able to support it (compatibility, FEAR game compatibility doesn’t count, because they simply aren’t).
Sure, it gives some tasks or quests and things like that, but it’s also valid to f&$k off and do what you like in it (not being a carrier pigeon for lords with memes and personalities to accompany them, well earned and bestowed by the community, such as ‘Fat’ Harlus).
This is a game that can quickly run up in game hours in the hundreds, and eventually gaining the 1st place spot for most time spent in your steam library, unless your into MMOs, probably.

‘It’s almost harvest season.’

The shining gem of community content must be Prophesy of Pendor. The developers are committed to it after so many years is not something commonly seen in my experience and it does show in the mod.
There are mods to suit your fancy, with each bringing a differences and variety in features and game mechanics for the player to discover.

‘I’ll tear your head from your shoulders.’

While I have played the multiplayer for
standard/vanilla M&B warband, I find that it’s more of an accessory than anything else (unless of course you get involved in Rome at war or brytenwald). A quarter of the time you end up being killed by some random shirtless player, while for the others it’s meeting your end by those who have mastered the use of the pole arm/spear much like in that Chivalry Medieval Warfare.
Single player is the most rewarding.

Conclusion: 10/10, would still buy it again, go tell your friends. It’s of a greater pace than sidmieres Civilizations playing across the internet by far, while not requiring the dedication of an entire Sunday in order to play it.

It doesn’t have the shiniest graphics, but if your reasonable and realistic, than that’s far from the top 10 things you look for in a game.

Here’s to hoping that Bannerlord doesn’t become Half life 3 (which it shouldn’t based to the dev updates, and its presence on the steam store, still tba).

Edit: Just one bit of advice when staring a new game. Beware bandits. You will have the preconceived notion that you as an adventurer can overcome most obstacles from the start with ease. You will quickly be captured and passed around the various roaming parties of bandits and outlaws like a prize *****. You sure start out with a few quests to boost your level, and invest in a horse so if nothing else you can run around like Armenian Horse archers from Rome Total War.


L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y. 2.0

Mod review - 1 agree

Crashes every 5 minutes after rescue of the nimble.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky: The Faction War

Mod review - 1 agree

A slightly different approach to the games; instead of working your way to disable (or fix) the brain scorcher, you work on taking over camps and getting the best loot.


Infinity foods

Mod review

Not in the nature of the zone...


M.S.O. Massive Simulation Overhaul

Mod review

Star Wars Conquest

Mod review

Operation: TREBUCHET

Mod review may contain spoilers

An up and coming mod which may satisfy the lack of Halo game releases on PC (they want to keep milking any and all Masterchief collection types, as they update the graphics, which modders already do for free).
The mod focuses upon the Marines, which died so quickly in the Halo games, that it was no surprise that they never named them earlier on, because they died too quickly. Any attempts to keep them alive were akin to battlefield babysitting. Now, you get to be one of them as you, grab a bucket helmet and climb aboard an SOEV as an ODST or as a Marine regular. Features customizable weapons, armor and gear, a range of vehicles, and offers a lot of potential for players and map makers alike.

This mod is WIP, but is very impressive all the same. Like others, I bought ARMA 3 just because of this mod. Great work!
Early covenant will lob superheated balls of cotton candy from their unidentified weapons making short work of UNSC squads as they communicate with a thorough grasp of the english language.

The highlights for me are the ODST features, such as the drop pods, which while still being WIP, can be supplemented with additional scripts to create scenes reminiscent of the ODST live action trailers (Assault on Rodopolis*), where you must punch all primers before activating the emergency door ejection system.

Some issues may arise between OPTRE and TEI, (likely TEI has more than a few bugs).

* Now contains nice assets to fill a city and new vehicles, such as longsword, utility cart, forklift,& hornet.

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