Operation: TREBUCHET was the last major UNSC offensive against the human insurrection before first contact with the Covenant empire. Our mod will focus on the struggles of the common soldier, rather than the elite spartan warriors, during that offensive. Experience the Halo universe from a new, brutal perspective. For the most up-to-date info regarding the mod and the community, monitor the official subreddit, r/OperationTrebuchet.

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This mod is great! Halo is my all-time fav game and ArmA 3 falls in at third, so the two combined is great. Only issue is RC7 compatibility, which is being fixed.

This mod brings the awesome lore of Halo into Arma 3. Including, but not limited to: Flyable pelicans, drive-able warthogs, able to be an ODST, and MUCH MORE! If you like Halo and the game mechanics of Arma 3 then this is the mod you must get NOW! Don't even wait. DOWNLOAD NOW.


Amazing mod amazing quality. I would strongly suggest an ODST Campaign.

Other then some very minor bugs my only complaint is how much it takes to drop the enemy. they just have to much health.


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This mod is literally my dream come true. Litrally fatisied about a halo game like arma for so long. Models are good quality, lots of content in the game though its still early, and they haven't cloned everything from halo. They've though about each weapon and tried to make it to make them realistic and not to OP while still keeping the weapons feel.


Ambitious in scale, with clean models and thought-out effort. Strikes a good balance between the feels of the disparate games it is sourced in. Shows much promise as a source of added longevity to Arma III, a must-have for anyone interested in the Arma modding community.

Really in depth Halo mod love the falcon and pelican looking forward to next installment of the mod some of the situations i have been in after droping out oof that pod are intense and really enjoyable


It Makes Me Feel So Happy Playing In A Halo Feeling In Arma 3, Me Myself Am A Fan Of Halo.
Eventually This Mod Will Have Massive Battles With Drop Pods And Wraiths.

I love this mod and can see some great things coming out of it. As a Halo fan I am loving seeing this group of people making a mod for a game I love.It will be amazing to have large fire-fights with pelicans that I can fly and destroy with some great physics.

A large, dedicated team of modders who listen to the community.
Along with a Brilliant mod bringing the Halo Universe to Arma.

Testing the beta of the mod so far and I love it, there's great potential here. And I especially hope to see a flyable UNSC Broadsword in action very soon.

Now if only someone would do a Starship Troopers mod for Arma...
I mean why not? They made a raptor mod already, why not giant bugs bent on destroying humanity?


I will always love halo and this does exactly what I want it to do but people always ruin it for me. For anyone new or wants to play this mod. Only play with close friends or solo do not join the units for it. they'll ruin it for ya

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This mod is great! Halo is my all-time fav game and ArmA 3 falls in at third, so the two combined is great. Only issue is RC7 compatibility, which is being fixed.

May 29 2015 by kirigaya238