Compilation mod with enhanced graphics, new sounds, weapons (200+), suits, overhauled weather, extra mutants(cats, zombies etc...), bug fixes, faction wars and much more! Includes material from AMK, Oblivion Lost, STALKERSOUP, Stalker Complete 2009, L.U.R.K, Priboi Story, Absolute Nature and many more mods.

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Majorsoft says

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Thi is not a my credits for this my-work-ruined job from Fistsnake....who is it ? Just Copy-Paste man.I don't allow reworked my mod and this mod (v 2.0)hasn't attributes from original legendary mod. 1/10 for robbery.


L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y. 2.0 is an amazing mod, with an insane amount of mod content, but L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y. 2.0 crashes constantly, and is therefore unplayable.


Fеll says

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Crashes every 5 minutes after rescue of the nimble.


I agree that the weapons recoil is "over the top", have adjusted a few to my liking. I love this mod, better keep your head on a swivel while traveling through the Zone. Never know when or where a Merc, Monolith, or Military will be around the next corner. Lots of action, great firefights. Maybe a bit too much loot, but better more than less.


bhelen says

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Lots of new weapons. Lots of extremely crappy weapons with recoil that makes absolutely no sense. Faction wars is completely messed up. Hardly any roaming troops. The only thing that is truly good about this mod is how stable it is, but that is halted by an extremely slow loading time 2/3 through main story when you build up more items in inventory and more stashes become available. And the support is horrid. They obviously don't really care about this mod compilation.


Ive been waiting for the updated version of this mod for a long time im glad its made its way to us thanks majorsoft


Deetex says

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The stability leaves much to be desired of but then again I AM running it on 1.0006, not '5 as is recommended.
In all, I do love what it does, and all that it contains, seems I can't walk about for more than 5 minutes before finding a sidearm or rifle that's slightly more desirable than my current, eventually ending up overencumbred and having to sloach my riddled and ripped behind back to Sidorovich and pawning the whole lot on him.
It is a little worrying to see Monolith and Mercenaries duking it out so close to the cordon, best not to get between those too, so turn around even before reaching the Bridge... is that an Exoskeleton? Is that a Freedom Exo? Is he firing at me and is my crosshair red when I point at him?
Well bonus points for the game in predicting my preferred Faction(it's Duty), but a little troubling we're dealing with Exos right out the gate with barely anything really worth shooting with!
This guy is giving it up the backside with most admirable gusto, alas nary a reacharound or peck on the cheek for show!
A few quickloads and several hundreds of thousands of doubletaps to the sternum later, HE'S STILL SHOOTING BACK! =O
Boy oh boy they sure beefed up the Exo's bullet resistence in this one, and a upon realizing this a glimmer of hope and ray of sunshine caress my eyes... damn cat of mine got in the petunias again, or is it the loading screen for the umpteenth time?
Turns out the chest might not be the best place to target when dealing with this particular kind of foe, so after Yet -ANOTHER- quickload, One full AK mag to the face dealt with that badboy right quick. Lesson learned, loot grabbed, a nice and shiny G36! The label says it's a 'K' variant but it's not, trust me, that's the genuine original, and it's mine now!
Several crashes and maybe a good 15 minutes of actual gameplay in between them over the span of about two hours later, Sidorovich's inventory draws my attention to a specific item. 7.92x57mm ammunition.
Waaaaaait a minute, I know that cartridge size! That's German!
-And indeed, the ammo's description does indeed outline the suggested existence of the Kar 98K, Gewehr 43 and OhDearGodsYes: MG42.
The hunt begins...
-Right after I boot the game up again after the billionth crash.

I'd like to emphasize at this point that this mod is horrendously unstable.
I've applied the suggested patches, didn't notice *ANY* difference in frequency or predictability, and what's more areas that sometimes seem like permanent CTD Triggers appear completely harmless later, Might have something to do with the randomizing of spawns upon loading a game, I'd advice the dev to look into that.
A slight reduction in Crashes has been noticed when turning compatability down to XP-SP2, running XRA-3D.exe with elevated admin rights, and disabling DPI scaling... this however is a kneejerk conclusion; I haven't thuroughly tested that yet...

If not for the crashes; I'd recommend this mod, It's like Arsenal Overhaul3 mated with I Work Alone! (For CoP, respectively).
Nights are truly dark, rain is really *REALLY* bleak, firefights are intense and unnerving especially as you can't rightly identify friend from foe right away.
Do yourself a favor, a HUGE favor: keep an eye on the clock, as soon as nightfall starts drawing near, look for the nearest shack or building, and sleep through the night, Trust me on this even with NVG and the flashlight, Burers, Psuedodogs, Bandits and the Monolith(Or Duty if you're stupid and suicidal and sided with Freedom) can REALLY ruin your day... err, night if you're not careful.
Can't wait to get my now exploded corpse out of the Cordon and into the Dark Valley, always good hunting to be done there, especially with those Freedom Anarchist Dogs about so numerously.


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