Gamer for about 30yrs and still loving it. Always been a console gamer until recently getting into PC Gaming. I really dig the indie scene and it has become one of my main focuses lately. I also write for a great gaming website looking to get better called I'm the guy bringing the PS3, Vita, and PC gaming focus to the site. Check out my the first article of my soon to be reacurring editorial Indie Picks of the Month. I'd really appreciate your input and recommendations for new games to spotlight.

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Paradigm Shift

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This game is just garbage. I'm sorry but it might play better on a phone but on my PC it sucks. Can't really tell what anything and I seemed to die pretty quick in the game.

Also no options at all to modify things sucks. If you want this game to get added to Steam I really hope it's getting some changes.



Game review

This was my first visual novel I've played and it was pretty cool. It was a little short and not much really happened in the story but I do look forward to trying others. I also plan on playing the second game soon.

If you like to read or like books with pictures than try this out or some others like it.



Game review

Fun game but a little boring at times. Was a little annoying that the enemies seemed to have perfect aim but respawning was never ending so no big deal.

Decent story and some missions were fun. A few of the bad ones though were the go to this checkpoint fight a few guys then go to next checkpoint and repeat. Also wish the main character at least had a name.

Overall it was a good game.


The Wreckless

Game review

Well I was thinking this game would be fun but for some reason I can't get past the second stage. Every time I shoot my gun I seem to be getting destroyed. I've played the stage multiple times and can't figure it out why this is happening. It didn't do it on the first stage.

So unfortunately I'm giving this a 4 just because it did seems cool but without progression past the second stage I'm unistalling and moving on.



Game review

Pretty fun puzzle game. Love trying to get the lines to match up and have a ton of blocks explode.



Game review

I had a lot of fun playing this. Was short but well worth a play. Wish there was more upgrades to the town and was a little longer but still a definite good game.


Super Tower Rush

Game review


Game review - 1 agree

Great puzzle game. Was fun and challenging. Only problem I had was I felt the controls for movement were a little to touchy for me. I would roll myself right into a trap to many times.

I would have also liked a checkpoint restart instead of whole level restart. The final level I got stuck under a platform and couldn't get out. The boss guy just sat there doing nothing. There was nothing I could do.

Overall the game was fun and worth checking out.



Game review

I really loved the 2 levels available. Games has an awesome soundtrack and love the lighting effects. Definitely can't wait for the finish product.


Out There Somewhere

Game review

This was a fun and challenging game. I died many times but never gave up. Only reason it's not a 10 is I wish it was a little longer.

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