Gravi is an intense puzzle-platformer that'll test your tolerance for pain. Fling yourself through terrorizing traps and manipulate gravity to swing towards victory. Death is guaranteed.

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I have mixed feelings about Gravi. While entertaining, it is also very frustrating at some points. And while I like being challenged, the frustration came right out of the blue, where one level was very easy, followed by a level based primarily on blind luck, followed again by an easy level. The difficulty curve seemed to spike quite a lot. There were also a few abilities that I discovered early on which were either not explained very well, or that I wasn't supposed to know about yet.

That being said, it was pretty fun. The game, while difficult, offers plenty of checkpoints and a lot of levels to go through.

Finally here. I am so excited to be able to play GRAVI at last. Thank you.


Very cool and hard as Hell!


This game its just amazing,you really need to try it!

Great puzzle game. Was fun and challenging. Only problem I had was I felt the controls for movement were a little to touchy for me. I would roll myself right into a trap to many times.

I would have also liked a checkpoint restart instead of whole level restart. The final level I got stuck under a platform and couldn't get out. The boss guy just sat there doing nothing. There was nothing I could do.

Overall the game was fun and worth checking out.

Annoying controls and even more annoying inertia take away some of the pleasure from this otherwise interesting title. Having said that, it has plenty of checkpoints so things rarely get too bad. What's more this game actually still managed to give me a few 'sweaty palm' moments, espcially when trying to get the secrets in each level.


Great Game!!!



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