Gamer for about 30yrs and still loving it. Always been a console gamer until recently getting into PC Gaming. I really dig the indie scene and it has become one of my main focuses lately. I also write for a great gaming website looking to get better called I'm the guy bringing the PS3, Vita, and PC gaming focus to the site. Check out my the first article of my soon to be reacurring editorial Indie Picks of the Month. I'd really appreciate your input and recommendations for new games to spotlight.

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Writing for a new site.

DazeOfWar Blog

So I just started writing for a new site today. It's a site that puts more focus on the little guys which is what I've really been focusing more on. I'm still going to be writing my feature Indie Picks of the Month but with some changes. It's now called Indie Pickin's, will be bi-weekly, and only feature one game each time. I feel it'll fit my time management better and let the games stand out more.

The site is called Glorious Underdogs and I've already posted up my first Indie Pickin's to the site. Go over and check out my feature on Out There Somewhere and enter for a chance to win the game. While you're there check out the rest of the site too. There's some good stuff so far and more to come.

Thanks and let us know what you think.

Not Enough Time!

DazeOfWar Blog

Well I'm a little late on this weeks update so I'll just make it for the last 2 weeks. Probably won't be much though because I was out of town for half a week and then came back to take over standby at my work for a fellow employee. While I was working last Saturday morning I hurt my back so things have been kind of slow for me in the game world. Enough about me though lets get to what you're here to read about, gaming.


Well I was close to finishing The Baconing when it froze up on me. When I reloaded it to start playing again I came to the horrid realization that my save had been corrupted somehow. I tried many times to get it to play but every time I load the save it sits at a black screen. Unfortunately I won't been finishing this great game.

I tried playing Deus Ex: HR again the other night but fell asleep a little after I started it. I'll blame that on the muscle relaxers I have for my back. I'll get farther in the game this weekend though.

I also downloaded the single player portion of Starhawk, free from PS+, and decided to buy the multiplayer portion too. Now I had purchased the game on Day 1 when it came out but traded it a month later towards other stuff. I thought the SP was crap but the MP was pretty fun and now with the latest updates to it, I figured I should play it again.

PS Vita:

Still not much going on here. I did take it with me when I went out of town and started playing MGS3 in the HD collection. For some reason I have a hard time with the controls. I just need more practice I guess.

I really can't wait for November though when Sony announces what PS+ will be bringing to the Vita. I'm almost to the point of where I don't want to buy anything for my PS3 or Vita and just pay for PS+. $50 a year will definitely give me plenty of games to play.


My biggest excitement was finally getting to try out the XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I've had it pre-ordered ever since I watched the hour gameplay walkthrough. I'll definitely be sinking a lot of my time into this.

I also purchased quit a few indie bundles this last 2 weeks. I think they were Humble Bundle 6(already finished), Indie Gala 9, Indie Royale Oktoberfest, and Be Mine 5. All had some great games and I actually have extra codes to give away later on the site I write for or maybe even do twitter giveaways later.

Misc. other news:

Lets see, I have the next installment of my Indie Picks of the Month up and ready. This month I'm featuring Kenshi, Sang-Froid, and Syder Arcade and if you check it out you can have a chance at winning a copy of either Kenshi or Syder Arcade. I would have included Sang-Froid in the giveaway but it's not released yet. I'm very proud of this months installment so please check it out. Hey at least to give me some feedback.

Lastly I paid off most of my Blops II HE(PS3) and AC: Liberation (Vita) pre-orders. These may be the last two upcoming games I get this year since the beginning of next year is going to make me broke.

I'd like to say thanks again for checking out my blog and any comments, suggestions, or criticism are always appreciated as long as they are respectful.

My 2nd installment of Indie Picks of the Month.

DazeOfWar Blog

Well I just posted up my next istallment of my editorial Indie Picks of the Month. I'm really proud of this one and hope more people check it out. I also featured Kenshi that was suggested by Pabo. So whoever reads this should go check it out here because I'm giving away a copy of one of the games featured to one lucky gamer. Unfortunately it'll be a choice of 2 of the games because one of them hasn't released yet but will soon. I was just so impressed by it that it had to be spotlighted too.

So quick lollygagging and head on over. Indie Picks of the Month

My Life of Gaming.

DazeOfWar Blog 2 comments

I've decided to start posting my personal gaming update on here. It'll have all my gaming and writing I've been doing and if you read it thanks. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on anything I input. I'd also appreciate you checking out and telling us what you think. Leave some comments and let us now what you think. Now on to the good stuff.


Lets see first I'll start with my PS3 this week. I've decided to give up trying to platinum L.A. Noire and just move on to the next game. I really enjoyed it but I just don't care or feel about getting all the trophies anymore. My next game to beat is the lucky Deus Ex: Human Revolution. So far I've beat the first level after you get your augmentations. I've heard that the game was great but so far I've been kind if bored. I assume that's just because I'm in the begining still, so I'll still give it some time.

One other game I started is the PSN game The Baconing from Double Fine. This is the third chapter in the fun and always hilarious Death Spank series. It's an action RPG with a loot system similar to say Diablo, just not as huge.

Nothing much going on with my Vita except lots of Zen Pinball 2. I just can't get enough of it and it's awesome to play on the Vita.

I tried out quite a few games on my PC. I started Da New Guys, which you can get on here, and that's been pretty good so far. I've always enjoyed goofy point and click adventures. I tried out A Virus Named Tom which was alright. I can see it getting boring over time since gameplay seems like it'll be pretty much the same thing through the whole game.

I've been working on The Witcher which is a great game. Bought it during the Steam summer sale and I'm very happy with the purchase. Another great game I've been playing is Unepic which is probably one of the best games I've played in the last year. Other games I've been messing around with are Dino Run SE, Under the Ocean, Syder Arcade V1.3, Kenshi demo (which was recommended by fellow Desura member Pabo and I will be buying the full version soon), and VectorGeddon.

That's pretty much most of my gaming lately. The next update will probably be a little slimmer since this will be a weekly update from now on.

Misc. Other News
As of lately I have really been getting into gaming music. Either game soundtracks or music inspired by games, it has all been my music addiction. A great bundle you can pick up for cheap is from a new bundle site by the name of Bundle Dragon. Their first bundle, Ubiktune Bundle: Pilot, will land you 7 albums for as low as $1.

Last thing for this long post (sorry) is the first chapter in my ongoing monthly editorial, Indie Picks of the Month. I know I mentioned it before but I'd just like to remind anybody to check it out. I'm really proud of it and would love more input on it or even some game suggestions. Later in future installments I plan on making one lucky reader happy by giving away one of the games I feature in the article. I'm looking to do this every month with each new post I do so you don't want to miss out. You can also check out other going ons with the site while you're there.

Well that's it for this week. I want to thank you for reading and hope you check back in next week.

First Official Editorial

DazeOfWar Blog 2 comments

I just posted my first official editorial for a website. It's going to be a monthly were I pick 3 indie games to show off to the readers. I also will be taking suggestions from people too. Check it out here, Velocity Gamer, and let me know what you think.

Writing about games.

DazeOfWar Blog

Well I may start writing for a gaming site soon. I've been visiting the site for a long time and they are looking for some help. It'll be a non paying job but I could care less. I'm doing it for fun not the money. I've been a gamer for quite a long time and I'm pretty excited to get a chance to be able to write about my all-time favorite hobby.

One of the things I want to write about too will be some indie games. There are some great games out there that deserve more notice than they get. People put a lot of hard work into them and they need all the help they can get to be noticed more instead of being overshadowed by the big dogs.

Personal Gaming Update

DazeOfWar Blog 1 comment

I've played the crap out of Sound Shapes and earned my double platinum. Game is amazing and a definite must buy for any Vita owner. Other games on my Vita I've been working on are PvZ and Gravity Rush. I'm pretty close to earning the platinum for PvZ. I never thought I'd like the game much but playing it on the Vita is so much better than console. Gravity Rush has been pretty fun. I am having a hard time with the controls for it though. It takes some learning but I have improved from when I first started the game. It's sometimes hard for me to track my direction because of the motion controls.

On my PS3 I finished Shadows of the Damned and X-Men Destiny. SotD was a fun an awesome adventure. If you can handle grotesque horror and crude humor this is the game to play to get both. I also enjoy the story and the characters. Garcia Hotspur is now one of my favorite demon hunters.

X-Men Destiny on the other was a boatload of crap. I felt like I was playing a game from 10 years ago. Hell Duke Nukem had more polish than this game and it took 14 years to make. Silicone Knights hasn't done a great game since Eternal Darkness. The did do the MGS on GC but that wasn't already a game completed by somebody else which they ported. I did get the platinum from it as it only took about 10hrs total. So if you're a trophy hunter this is an easy one.

For my PC gaming I've been playing The Witcher, Terraria, Blacklight: Retribution, and have finished Amnesia.

Amnesia was a great game but man was it nerve racking. Playing a game where you need to stay in the light so you don't go crazy and then have to hide from monsters once and a while in the dark because you have no weapons really gets to you. It was fun to play and a good horror game.

The Witcher has been pretty good so far. I haven't gotten to far in it yet but I wanted to play it first before I started The Witcher 2. Blacklight is a great FPS F2P game. I wish they had more stuff like this on consoles.

Last but not least is Terraria. It's like Minecraft but 2D. I stayed up till 4 in the morning a few weeks back mining and building in this game. I didn't get into Minecraft the first time I played it but after having so much fun with Terraria I may try it again. Terraria is well worth the money at $10 and should be checked out if you like Minecraft.

I've really dug into PC gaming lately. I've been buying all the indie bundles from the different sites that do them. I bought a crap ton of games from the Steam summer sale. I've also had to download Desura so I can play some of the games I get from the bundles. I never realized how much great stuff I've been missing out on for PC being a console only gamer. Looks like I'm staying in the PC community now.

Oh I've also been digging on some game soundtracks lately which is cool because a lot of times when you buy the indie bundles you get game music with them.

Well that's it for me. Thanks for reading.

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