PirateHell is a fast top-down shooter. Take command of a sailing ship and fight your way to honour, gold and all the pretty things a pirate likes.

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Fun game to just sit sown and enjoy. Great for the kids too. It works right out of the gate on Linux so major kudos there. Only oddity, guessing this is desura, is that it still only shows the demo I installed and not the full game. Hopefully later down the road after a clean desktop install I wont have issues.


I had a lot of fun playing this. Was short but well worth a play. Wish there was more upgrades to the town and was a little longer but still a definite good game.


A great game for long evening. I like the music, I love the graphics and the gameplay. There's only one thing I'd like to somehow change. Nothing stops you from farming fully upgraded ship and town in 1st chapter and then it's kinda too easy.

Aaand the escort missions are pretty nice, had to replay them a lot to win them :)

Great work!

Fun game, but it crashes quite a bit, which makes you loose your progress. Make sure you save often.


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It so reminds me of Overboard from the old PSX and I loved that game! Played it all night long back in the days!


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