Just you're average gamer, I have a taste for RPG'S, action TPS and FPS games and also strategy, I also like a few adventure and survival horror games too, who doesn't like a good scare once in a while :3

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For all fans of horror games. Those who wish to share your best horror experiences, connect news articles, share images, and find demo's.

DoomDb - The official Doom WAD sharing group!

DoomDb - The official Doom WAD sharing group!

959 members Hobbies & Interests

DoomDb is a group in Moddb where you can share all the best kinds of Doom WADs out there! Join our sharing and recommendation society, read the rules...

Deus Ex Fan Group

Deus Ex Fan Group

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Love Deus Ex? Of course you do! Delve deeper into the world of conspiracies and revel the glorious Deus Ex series. So, join us!

Duke Nukem Fan Group

Duke Nukem Fan Group

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This is all about Duke Nukem, anyone that loves the king should join this group.

Thief & System Shock series - Appreciation Group

Thief & System Shock series - Appreciation Group

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For all the people that enjoyed(and still do) System Shock 1 and 2, as well as the Thief series. With their fantastic gameplay, story and atmosphere...

World of Darkness Fans

World of Darkness Fans

227 members Fans & Clans

Embrace the sultry swagger and urban grime of the modern vampire. This is a fan group for those who wish to share their experiences in both video games...


Hi there! Thanks for following Overthinked DooM^3! There won't be any important news for some time, but they'll come one day... Around summer, I guess... With respawning zombies, or some crazy ******** like this :D

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