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Half-Life 2 beta (with launcher)

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The Stinky Puffs were an early 90's rock band started by then seven-year-old Simon Fair Timony, then-stepson of Jad Fair, and by Cody Linn Ranaldo, son of Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo. After a 7" single an LP followed in 1995 titled A Little Tiny Smelly Bit of...the Stinky Puffs and an EP in 1996 titled Songs and Advice for Kids Who Have Been Left Behind.

Kurt Cobain, of the band Nirvana, was a big fan of the band and close to lead singer Timony. In Cobain's personal journal, he wrote a letter to Timony asking him to contribute artwork for what was to become In Utero. Timony also managed the fanclub of Nirvana back in the day. When he sold the fanclub-cards, he asked "Send candy not money!".

The Stinky Puffs had a historic performance in 1994, at the indie rock festival Yoyo A Go Go in Olympia, Washington. Surviving Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl made their first shared public appearance after Kurt Cobain's death playing bass and drums, respectively, for the Stinky Puffs. The last song that they played was "I Love You Anyways," which a then 10-year-old Timony wrote about Cobain. The lyrics celebrate the times Timony spent with Cobain, doing things like smashing Cobain's guitar, and captures the hurt of Cobain's death by repeating Cobain's broken promise to "record with the Stinky Puffs". The Stinky Puffs' last album was dedicated to Cobain's daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

In 2012, The Stinky Puffs were mentioned in an Esquire magazine article by Miles Raymer. In it, they are credited as the first band Nirvana backed (having recently backed Paul McCartney for the 12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief).


Screw This Mod I Never Liked it Don't Download

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How to not make a Mystery Combat Man fan-game.


Half-Life 2 : MMod

Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

Undeniably, the best Half-Life 2 Graphical/Enhancement mod money can possibly buy.

Especially if you have no money.


Half-Life : Echoes

Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

After finishing the mod, I find it extremely progressive, jumping from one atmosphere to the next. At the beginning, it had all of the vibes of some long-lost Gearbox expansion planned for release after Decay. Then it went back into the roots of Half-Life, when Valve was experimenting with horror elements in the game. After that, it became it's own little thing that ended with many Epistle 3 tie-ins/nods. A very unique mod that I quite enjoyed. It's mods like these that come out of nowhere (like C.A.G.E.D.) that really showcase how amazing the Valve modding community is. A must-have for any die-hard Half-Life fans.

There were a few issues when it came to bugs (you can reload the pistol while it has a full clip in it, etc.), however, it seems that the majority of them all was Valve's fault as many of these bugs were fixed in the Steam release of Half-Life, but since this mod is based off of Spirit of Half-Life (which is derived from the original WON released of HL1), many of these bugs remain in the final product.

Regardless, play this. You will not regret it.


Dark Interval

Early access mod review - 6 agree - 2 disagree

The best Half-Life 2 Beta Mod yet. Eat your heart out, Missing Information. Combine content from the WC-Mappack, the Laidlaw's oldest known story from HL2 Beta and add a man who has worked with the Source Engine and its leaked variant for over a decade, and you get Dark Interval. Even with only 1 part available, it's still amazing and I can't wait for the future parts to be finished! The dark and haunting melodic atmosphere is beautiful and sometimes makes me lost, looking around the scenery and taking it all in. It legitimately feels like a lost Half-Life game from 2003 that was polished up for the present day. Play it, you will NOT regret it.


Gordon Freakman 2: Kleiner-Life

Early access mod review - 1 disagree

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Everything you wanted from the first mod, and then some.

This isn't a mod, or a game. This is an experience. An experience worth having.


JovanLanik's Half-Life Classic

Mod review - 4 agree - 7 disagree

At first, Rainfall was my least favorite (even though I don't hate it), but now this takes the cake and is something I hate. So much went wrong with this, I don't know where to begin. It pirates existing content from Half-Life, the Version 1.1 update only changes the name and virtually nothing else, and some content was blatantly stolen, seriously.

Worst. Half-Life. Beta. Recreation. Mod. Ever.


Terminal 7

Mod review - 3 agree

On par with the likes of Gordon Freakman and the PTSD Mod. An unbelievably, well crafted mod that overexaggerates a Vinesauce meme. And that's a good thing. That Mario throwback ending is also amazing. Nooke deserves a job offering from every game studio on the planet.


Kleiner's Turn

Mod review

Best. Mystery. Combat. Man. Fan. Game. Ever.


Half-Life 2: Aftermath

Mod review - 3 agree - 4 disagree

This is only a temporary review due to there currently being only one release. Lever Softworks is planning on adding the rest of the Episodic Maps that were leaked back in March. But even in its current state, Half-Life 2: Aftermath is awesome. It does a great job showcasing and fixing some maps leaked from EP3/HL3 and I'm looking forward to the mod's upcoming future releases.

Best. Playable. Archive. Ever.

P.S. This mod will most probs get 10/10 once the rest of the content is finished.

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