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This Mod Is Dead Now Because I always Hated This and Yeah Goodbye Shitpost Mod

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GeneralRain01 says

5 agree

how dare you parasite


TheZealot says

4 agree

Illegal bootleg of a long-running franchise


liblung says

May contain spoilers - 4 agree

I understand and appreciate the turbulent and turmoilious development that this mod certainly had, but I must give it this rating for a number of reasons.

1. The enemies kill you instantly in the border wall map. You cannot avoid this. I dislike this because Mystery Combat man in my interpretation is a strategy game about killing mobs of enemies with nothing but your huge ***** and a few tiny rocket launchers (and smg grenades and also frag grenades and maybe a pulse rifle or two) that kill the other 90% of them.

2. Although the laudable soundtrack of the Mystery Combat Man series is well-known for its continued Diamond-breaking record power and questionable citation work, it is a new low for the series to fail to have any background music for the first nine levels, and then reuse "I walk a lonely road" for three of the remaining levels. I expect better, and I state this sadly, as I know that the Mystery Combat Team's work is top-notch, but perhaps was not given enough time to flower in this instance.

3. The previous trend of Mystery Combat Man's pro-recycling initiative, map-wise, has been discarded in this instance for unfortunately rather *** original levels. After the first three, there seems to be crunch because I could count the number of unique brushes within my hand-and-foot based extremities. (And for the last one, "genius", less: One box, or six brushes.)

4. This mod continues the distressing trend of enemies that have an excessive ability to kill you from the fake MCM2. I respect the team's attempts to create a more immersive, and immediate-consequence environment, but I caution them that it isn't fun to die instantly when you go around a corner either. you did this for only like 3 levels too lol going to stop overwriting this. **** you okay so what else you forgot the chapter icons WHY I HATE HALF LIFE 2 DONT REMIND ME OF IT

6. I'm happy to report a rather vintage trend reappearing; the re-usage of random stock playermodels as combine soldiers, but not as much as in the original MCM. This is unfortunate, but I am willing to accept my blessings even if they come in the form of a suppository.

7.lazy boy releases the ****** patch and forgets to PUT THE STUFF IN THE FOLDERS SO I DONT HAVE TO PUT IT IN THE INDIVIDUAL FOLDERS MYSELF that was gay the map in there sucks too

8.Genius, the last and concluding map to this mod, stands out for reaching, through a tragic downward spiral, the utterly effort-free hackery that Beyta Crusher Man starts in. I don't make my BCM comparisons lightly, but the last level is literally 6 brushes to make a hollow cube, 25 fast zombies, guns, two teammates and like 20 red lights so drink my wiener

9.A big problem with the mod is inconsistency. Sometimes, you have music. Othertimes, you do not in fact have music. Sometimes, you give me explosives (so I can kill the 6 enemies you put in the map simultaneously). Sometimes, you make me kill them manually. Sometimes, you let me end the map in 3 seconds, other times you make me walk for like ten seconds before doing so with lazy filler geometry. I understand it is challenging to refine the art of creating a consistent experience if you don't have the funding of modern game developers, but I request that you provide a clearer vision for your product.

10.please have effort in your shitpost. i might have accidentally spent more writing this that is sad I don't like writing sad reviews

Finally, I end with a single observation. All of these maps are less than one megabyte. That isn't hard to get past.


ThatRobot says

2 agree

you eat poop

Try again next time champ


Gmadador says

2 agree

Dont do this


Mr.Brown says

1 disagree

best ******* mod ever holy ****


SweetJuleka says

1 agree - 1 disagree

This Mod clearly does not understand what made the Mystery Combat Man Series enjoyable.

You see MCM is bad, but it's bad on purpose & bad in an entertaining if not amusing way.

This here is just bad, my first Maps in Marathons Level Creator looked better than this.


Biozeminade says

1 disagree

How to not make a Mystery Combat Man fan-game.


soyak9 says

1 agree - 1 disagree

imagine, for a moment, a long running, loveable franchise. imagine if someone, presumably Chinese, makes an ILLEGAL, UNFINISHED, and TERRIBLE bootleg which tarnishes the name of mcm; only because mcm4 isn't even released yet...

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