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seal sculpture

Archebad the Wooden Seal, year 1872

Can it be? Many modders are crawling around, running wild in the vicinity, running to punch. But it looks like a master bow. There is a lot of claptrap now, change in the wilderness, how you guide by endless wisdom and every nose of light, sparkle, but it is yours. There is hope for great creation on those high peaks of skill. Every nose may be buried in wet sand, but it does not deter. Still are we big AND strong. None may oppose, nay?

Therefore, on these days where time runs backwards, I make the first paradigm, the first commitment to time as such. The pobiteration is begun, and feet water with the taste of banana. The King of All Scams has been defeated, and now none may oppose. Good times ahead, good chups. Good times indeed.

What The Hell?

Annihitor_the_Incred Blog 2 comments

You run to the admin, yet I am already there.

You speak to him, yet it is my face that you see.

With horror-tinged bewilderment you realize you are too late.

The one is many and the many are one;

The admins are me, I am them and you are none.

You try to deny it, yet the truth of the world

Stares right back at you: the ugly face of a troll.

Baleful, mocking eyes the size of ostrich eggs;

A nose that touches yours despite you standing a meter away.

The creature opens its mouth, revealing rows of rotten, square teeth.

From that mouth comes the bloodcurdling sound

Of a twisted battle cry, so ancient and horrific

As to be believed - and hoped - entirely forgotten:


It is the last drop of tar in the empty honeypot.

Clawing at your sanity, you fall to your knees,

Understanding finally that the world is changed.

A new time has dawned, where all is pretense;

Where down is up, and nothing makes sense.

The reign of the troll doth truly begin;

You can't wash it away with a boatload of gin.

by Annihitor-The-Incred, 2016

No blog

Annihitor_the_Incred Blog 1 comment

Why need blog? No need any Blog. Why blog? Huh? No blog.




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