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Oct 28 2012 Anchor

Saw a question on the Quake HD (killer visual upgrade btw) page that I thought should be here.


"But i cannot play the three others through the mod?!.. I got this message: "Only Registered users can play... after Episode 1 is achieved"


Accepting that this user really has the registered version (and not some kind of hack or other chicanery...)

Registered Quake comes with a file - pak1.pak.
That contains gfx/pop.lmp and the rest of the registered game media.
This key file tells the quake engine you are running the registered version.
I'd gather that however the HD pack is installed is hiding pak1.pak (or gfx/pop.lmp if you extracted pak1) from the game.

The start map also contains a special trigger with this message:
"you haven't registered quake!\n\ncall 1-800-idgames to unlock\nthe full game from cd-rom\nor for mail delivery."
If you are seeing that open the console (with ~) and type: "registered"
If that variable is not "1", you are in the shareware mode - the root cause is the engine locating gfx/pop.lmp.
The game engine did not see gfx/pop.lmp and did not set "registered" to "1". Unless the HD pack has a bug.

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