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Preparation For The Naiman
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I arrive to a sight of smoke and death. Allies' flags flutter high as many men scavenge the spoils of war. Three eagles soar the skies above a single tent from which three men emerge. I order my army to stay while I ride forward knowing my task has been completed. The three men mount their steed and ride to me, lifting a hand in welcome.

"My Khan Ataiz, we welcome you and hope you are satisfied with out victory here. The Kereits will no longer halt the unstoppable change you bring us. Good change, for we will prosper." One rider said.

"Well done. You and your men have proven yourselves by making me a happy man"

I explained the alliance with the Ottomans and the neutrality treaty with Serbia when I entered their tent. We discussed plans to deal with the Naimans as we knew they were expecting an attack. However we also knew our forces both larger and better quality than theirs, something the Naimans underestimated.

To set our plan in motion I sent the Naimans a banner of each of the four tribes now joined to make sure they know of the new peoples. The Mongols. I rename the land Mongolia and begin creating nine white flags.

A few hundred prisoners sit about five hundred metres from the tent. I approach them and they cower.

"You fear me, yes?" I ask, then receiving many nods. "Well, how about you turn that fear into loyalty and join my ranks?"

Surprise spread around the POW like a plague, their faces bewildered.

"Rise if you wish to join my army. Stay sat if you choose cowardice."

Every man rises. I smile. "Good. We kill the Naimans in three days. Get rest."

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