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Listed below is a full change Log for DCG Assault Squad 4.0

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Major Updates

- New Italian Nation from Zeke Wolff and Ngvede with new Italian vehicles, aircraft and canon models

- Added/Ported MoW DCG Unit Pack (Squads, vehicles, skins, humans, etc)

- Merged Unit Pack/DCG:AS with updated Realism Mod

- Updated rarities and prices of all vehicles to match Advanced Squad Leader tables

Detailed Change Log

(This section is quite long so I'm categorizing it to make it easier to read.)


- added human skins from MoW & DCG
- added helmets from MoW & DCG
- added soldier breeds from MoW & DCG
- added human portraits from MoW & DCG
- added Italian Bandages
- added Italian Back Packs: 1 - 6, Medical and MG ammo
- added Italian voices
- added new avoidance ability with fire resistance for Flamethrower Infantry (won't catch themselves on fire as often)

- removed flare gun ammo from radio back pack
- updated infantry abilities


- added small arms weapons from MoW & DCG

- Italian Weapons:
- Knife
- AP and AT mines
- AP Grenade Oto Mod. 35
- AT Grenade L
- Flame Thrower & Back pack
- Scotti Rifle
- Carcano 91, 91 Scope
- Carcano 9138, 9138c, 9138 Bayonet
- Solothurn 18 AT rifle
- Breda 30 MG
- Breda 38 MG
- Fiat 6.5 MG
- Breda Safat 77 MG
- Breda Safat 88 MG
- 13.2mm Modello 31 HMG
- Bodeo M1889 Revolver
- Beretta M1918
- Glisenti M1910 Pistol
- Vetterli M70/87/15
- wz35 AT Rifle

- added new shell ammo: AA, HE, APC, APBC, APCBC, APDS, HVAP, SM, HEAT,
- added cursor graphics for new shell types
- added nation specific ammo for vehicles. (German 75mm will not work in US 75mm gun and vise versa)
- added new explosion effects for 20mm and 37-40mm zenite HE ammo
- added new ground hit effect for 20mm and 37-40mm AP ammo
- added new extended range flame fx for vehicle mounted flamethrowers
- added new sounds for flame throwers
- added fire/heat to aircraft bombs

- reduced amount of fuel flamethrowers can carrier (12 shots)
- split 20mm ammo into HE and AP rounds instead of 1 ammo type doing both
- adjusted smoke tail effects for RPG's
- altered the em3 rifle grenade to be the em3 no86at rifle grenade launcher
- altered a Mauser model to be Mauser g40 at rifle grenade launcher
- slight increased damage of AP mines to wheeled vehicles. Possible to destroy tires now.
- increased explosive range of Fragmentation type of grenades


- Added Italian Vehicles:
- Fiat-Revelli Modello 1914 MG Stand
- Breda Safat 77 MG Stand
- Breda Modello 31 HMG Stand
- Mortaio da 45 "Brixia"
- Mortaio da 81/14 (AS mortar model)
- Cannone da 47/32
- Cannone da 65/17
- Cannone da 75/27
- Cannone da 75/32
- Cannone da 90/53
- Cannone da 105/28
- Obice da 75/18
- Obice da 149/35
- Cannone-mitragliera da 20/77

- Autocarretta 35M
- Fiat 508 CM
- Dovunque Modello 35
- Benelli 560 Motor-tricycle
- AS.42 "Sahariana"
- AS.42 da 20/ "Sahariana"
- AS.42 da 47/40 "Sahariana"
- Autocannone 75/27 CK

- Lince
- Lancia 1ZM
- Fiat 611B
- Autoblindo 40
- Autoblindo 40/A Support
- Autoblindo 41
- Autoprotteto S37

- Carro Armato L3/35
- Carro Armato L35/c
- Carro Veloce L35/LF
- Carro Armato L6/40
- Carro Armato L6/40 ammunition carrier
- Semovente L.40 da 47/32

- Carro Armato M11/39
- Carro Armato M13/40
- Carro Armato M14/41
- Carro Comando M41
- Semovente M40 da 75/18
- Semovente M42 da 75/32
- Semovente M41 da 90/53
- Semovente M43 da 105/25
- P26/40

- Macchi200 (Plane)
- Macchi200C (Plane)

-- End of Italian Vehicles --

-- Added British Vehicles --

- Late and Early Version 40mm Bofors Mk. III (AS bofors model)
- 2 Pounder versions 1940, 1942, and 1943 different ammo in each
- 6 Pounder versions 1942, 1943, and 1944 different ammo in each
- 17 Pounder versions 1943, 1944, and 1944 Late with new ammo in each
- Canon de Modelé 1897 (French cannon, model from Redtide)

- AEC Dorchester (DCG Model)
- Ford F-GT (DCG Model)

- Panhard AMD 178 (French armored car, model from Redtide)
- Bren Carrier Mk.II (universal carrier model)
- Bren Carrier Mk.II Late (universal carrier model)
- M3A1 White Scout Car (DCG Model)
- Morris CS9 (DCG Model)
- IP Carrier Mk IIA (DCG Model)

- Renault R35 (French Light tank, model from Redtide)
- Light Tank Mk VIB (DCG Model)
- Mk VI AA (DCG Model)

- Stuart I (DCG Model)
- Stuart III (DCG Model)

- Cruiser Tank Mk I A9 (DCG Model)
- Cruiser Tank Mk III A13 (DCG Model)
- Cruiser Tank Mk IV A13 MkII (Cruiser Tank Mk III A13 model)
- Valentine VIII (mk3 AS model)
- Crusader II (mk6 AS model)
- Cromwell IV (Cromwell VII AS model)
- Sherman II (MoW Model)
- M10 Wolverine (added for British to use, AS model)

-- End of British Vehicles --

-- Added USA Vehicles --

- M2 Halftrack (MoW Model)
- M3A1 Scout Car (DCG Model)

- M3 Light Tank (DCG Model)

- M4A1 Sherman (MoW Model)
- M4A2 Sherman (MoW Model)
- M4A2 76w Sherman (MoW Model)

-- End of USA Vehicles --

-- Added Soviet Vehicles --

- 76mm obr. 1927 (Redtide Model)

- M3A1 Scout Car (DCG Model)

- T-60 obr. 1942 (AS Model)
- T-70 obr. 1943 (AS Model)
- BT-7-1 (Redtide Model)
- T-34 obr. 1941 (AS Model)

- KV-1 obr. 1940 (AS Model)
- KV-1 E obr. 1940 (AS Model)
- KV-1 obr. 1941 (AS Model)
- KV-1 obr. 1942 (AS Model)

-- End of Soviet Vehicles --

-- Added German Vehicles --

- 7.5cm le.IG 18 (Redtide Model)

- Sdkfz 231 (6-rad) (Redtide Model)
- SPW 251/2 (MoW Model)
- SPW 251/10 (MoW Model)
- SPW 251/16 (MoW Model)
- SPW 251/17 (MoW Model)
- SdKfz 7/1 (MoW Model)
- sWS Flak 43 (DCG Model)
- PSW Panhard 204 (f) (Redtide Model)

- PzKpfw II Ausf.C (Redtide Model)
- PzKpfw II Ausf.F (DCG Model)
- PzKpfw 35t (Redtide Model)
- PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf.B (Redtide Model)
- PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf.E (Redtide Model)

- PzKpfw III Ausf.H (PzKpfw III Ausf.F Model)
- PzKpfw III Ausf.J (PzKpfw III Ausf.J/1 Model)
- PzKpfw IV Ausf.D (PzKpfw IV Ausf.E Model)
- Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.B (DCG Model)
- Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.E (DCG Model)
- Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.F (DCG Model)
- Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.G (DCG Model)
- Sturm-Infanteriegeschütz 33B (DCG Model)
- Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär (DCG Model)

- Jagdpanzer Tiger(P) (Ferdinand) (Elephant Model)

-- End of German Vehicles --

- Added marine vehicles from MoW and Ridtide for transit missions
- Added/converted unit icons to small format for AS interface
- added small arms to tanks (typically a single SMG with ammo and a few grenades)
- added bombs to P-51 wings and fixed P-51 from firing MG out of the nose of plane
- added smoke dispenser to many vehicles that had them (majority are USA tanks that had smoke mortars in the turret)
- added winter skins for: su85, su100, su122, is1, kv85
- added desert skins for: mk6, 2pdr, 6pdr, 17pdr
- added skins for: pz35t, panhard (french), renault35 (french), pak35

- fixed all vehicles visors and crew vision
- Replaced browning mg stand with vickers model and browning mg stats
- adjusted all mg stand and crew positions to sandbag height to give proper protection
- increased mg stand angle of fire to 180 degrees
- removed AA MG's from British tanks and added them into the inventory. Player can enable them by double clicking the MG in inventory.

- removed AA MG from Greyhound Scout car and added to inventory.
- Fixed dodgewc55 M6 Gun Motor Carriage turret/gun
- Adjusted seats for all half tracks to allow passengers to sit lower in vehicle for more protection
- Panzer III-chassis vehicle variants now have tracks/wheels from Assault Squad
- fixed train assets to work for transit missions


- new smoke/fire effects for buildings, flora (trees/bushes)
- added new "engine on fire" fx for vehicles
- added new tank destroyed fire fx for open vehicles like half tracks
- added burning sound to fire/smoke effects
- added crews to emit from cannon vehicles when: about to be run over, or ap grenade hits the cannon

reduced inventory sizes of infantry and most vehicles
- adjusted weapon ranges to be slightly longer than standard Assault Squad
- small arms weapon damage has been slightly increased at longer ranges
- weapon accuracies adjusted for good game play at new ranges
- adjusted vision ranges to be slightly longer for the slight weapon range increase
- increased number of fx and entities that can be on a map (tank tracks, shell holes, blood, weapons, bodies.. etc)

- Readjusted all difficulty levels:

- Easy: gives player 50% more health, quick health regeneration, and less chance of being hit. Enemy has 20% less health and accuracy

- Normal: gives player 25% more health, health regeneration is slower, increased chances of being hit. Enemy has normal health and slight decrease in accuracy

- Hard: stats are even for player and enemy AI. Player still has slight health regeneration

- Heroic: Stats still even. Wounded infantry for both sides slowly bleed out until they are healed to 100%.

- fixed chickens from sometimes being targeted by AI
- removed red objective arrow from missions. Hit objectives hot key to find objectives.

Human Realism Changes

- increased infantry endurance time, but slightly reduced movement speeds
- adjusted human reload animations to more closely match reload times for most weapons
- added heal system with medics (% chance of soldiers being healable is based on difficulty level)

Vehicles Realism Changes

- Major Update to Path System for all units
- Units will prefer to move along roads and other surface types that allow them to travel at faster max speeds when possible
- All vehicles have Max speeds in KPH (use to be MPH) and added true off road speeds to all vehicles
- Only Heavy tanks can drive through large buildings
- Dead tanks can not be pushed around by another tank
- hull destroyed tanks will always burned out, with a chance of catching the engine on fire and exploding
- updated vehicle mobility stats (turret and gun rotation, vehicle acceleration, rotation, stop and start times.. etc)
- removed Indirect Fire artillery of 105mm or larger from buy menu. Explanation: Due to hard coded changes in the GEM 2.5 engine, shared vision has been reversed and no longer provides long range spotting for indirect fire artillery. This change renders AI artillery useless and (to help balance game play) was removed for both AI and player.

-Major Update to Aircraft interactions and Anti-Aircraft Relationship
- Adjust plane mobility: increased aircraft speed, adjust turn radius, angle of plane in turn, ect
- Added plane shot down sound
- Fixed many plane sounds
- Planes cannot move on engine start while in wheeled position for 1.5 seconds
- fixed engine from stopping when plane is shot down
- New armor system for planes
- added ability of wings to be shot off planes
- added plane explosion on contact with ground
- updated smoke/fire FX on damaged planes

- Increased AA vehicles turret and gun ration speeds
- removed ability of infantry and non-AA vehicles to fire on aircraft
- Anti-Aircraft vehicles over all more effective with better vision/reaction times

- created 3 AA vehicle categories: Light AA (mgs-2cm), Medium AA (37-4cm), Heavy AA (75 and up)

- Light AA rotates quickest and has high rate of fire with low damage
- Medium AA rotates slower, lower rate of fire, requires 2-3 hits to shoot down plane
- Heavy AA, slowest rotation, slowest rate of fire, 1 hit to destroy a plane

DCG Program Files

- Added New region: Southern Europe (#7)
- added all squads XML's for each nation
- added all vehicle XML's for each nation
- added vehicle rarities to reflect historically accuracy for each vehicle for every month and region. (ex. Tiger rarity in North Africa will be accurate and independent of its rarity in Russia for the same month)

- added necessary vehicle and squad icons for buy menu
- added more detail weapon information for vehicles in buy menu (caliber/barrel length, MG mount locations, ect)
- Added reaction moves for computer on operation map which allows a chance for an idle unit to add its category and some extra forces to a unit being attacked by the player's own unit; this also allows computer forces from two different nations to appear in the same defense

- Added button on purchase screen to reset (clear) ALL inventories to their default loadouts with one click

- Increased starting procurement points for campaigns of attacking nation. (ex Germany starts with more points in 1941 when attacking russia vs. 1943 campaign when Russia is attacking Germany)

- Artillery strikes: prices lowered, damage lowered, increased # of shells that land, decreased accuracy, increased delay time for shells to land (specific values vary per nation to reflect historically accuracy)

- Air strike prices lowered (prices and availability
- Air strike chances adjusted per campaign (increased in cases where one nation had Air Superiority)
- Reduced default number of enemy Radio operators that can spawn
- Reduced default number of air attack runs by planes
- Adjust AI force size larger for oversized maps
- Ally forces from another nation can appear in-battle if a player attack is supported on the operation map by another nation

- Player may now purchase troops in excess of authorized force size by paying double the cost or else the cost plus the current force size, whichever is greater

- The player is notified when the campaign has ended because the date has passed the end of the war

- The interface now allows the player to start a new campaign when the old campaign ends without shutting down

- News messages and images have been added to the After Action Report screen
- The player may receive a bonus to the number of units authorized based on a calculation involving operations won and recent battle victories in the previous campaign
- Fixed bug preventing artillery spotting round smoke from appearing and spotting round smoke is now also easier to see

- If available, an "historical" operation will automatically be picked when random selection is chosen and it has not previously been played

- Fixed some bugs with disbanding squads

- Computer now begins moving its infantry before vehicles at start
- No air attacks at night
- Increased chance of air attacks when player has vehicles with counter tag
- Increased chance of AI armored units on operation screen (closer to 50%) when massedarmorattackallowed is true

- Point loss for failed transit mission reduced to 50%

- Fixed bug with calculating enemy soldiers lost
- Single AI medium or heavy tanks (ie. not part of a platoon) are now generated with an accompanying infantry squad

- Improved squad sort order on purchase screen

- Added region restriction capability for infiltration missions and overlays which will prevent things like ambient horses, chickens and cars from appearing in North Africa



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