This is a group dedicated to all things horror. Feel free to share things that have scared you with other members, or to find new things to be afraid of >:)

Please take a look at the rules before posting, thanks!

1. Acknowledge the source you've taken said image/video from with a link.
2. Theres no need to spam links to your channel, just post a link to the horror thing you want to share and link directly to the video or image and not just a website or youtube channel.
3. Don't be afraid to say thanks.

Everything has been planned by ancient coded numbers, the science to understand it is Gematria.
Most ancient knowledge has been hidden from the public but is frequently reveled by archaeologists & historians privately. An example is Michael Cremo - Forbidden Archeaology.

Cthulhu Mythos:

If you’re a fan of the great American author H.P. Lovecraft, this is a must-download. And if you’ve never read his work, here’s your chance—there’s versions that should work on almost every e-reader device.

The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft contains the original stories which Lovecraft wrote as an adult. It begins in 1917 with “The Tomb” and ends in 1935 with his last original work “The Haunter of the Dark.” The book is ordered chronologically by the date the story was written. Because Lovecraft was a terrible businessman and left no heirs to his intellectual property, all of his works are already in the public domain. I did not include collaborations or revisions because some of those works may still be under the co-author’s copyright. There also left out two completely non-Weird very early stories.

Head to the link, and look in the first paragraph for the links to the EPUB and Kindle versions. You’ll need to connect your Kindle to your PC via the USB cable and drop the book in there that way. If you want to read the EPUB on your PC, you can use Calibre or a similar software.

Free Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft for Nook and Kindle [Cthulhu Chick]

If you’re downloading to a mobile device and want the EPUB (recommended for phones), try this download link instead and the MOBI here (recommended for Kindle direct download) or (new) if you have Stanza or if you’re getting a validation error try this copy instead or if you have issues on a Sony Reader try this download for Sony. (lots of links, I know, but I’m trying to provide lots of options.)

August 1, 2011: also another verssion here in a PDF copy

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Really cool stuff brought here but why has nobody said anything until now here

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TheUnbeholden Creator

Know any cool resources on Cthulhu or Demonic art/imagery?

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I am into Lovecraftian art myself seriously but not into demonic/hellish one that much , the type that is on Metal album covers to be more specific

I got nothing now but when i take a break from my project work i will search , find and share them with you , for both themes of course
In the meantime you can always check my group Polytheism that has some of this stuff already among the older images

Thanks for answering here

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Wow ! Amazing to see new stuff being brought here
I'm lovecraftian to the core and i'll be really happy to learn some more about his stuff
I tracked this since ever

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