Welcome to the 8th Annual Mod of the Year Awards - the premiere event that celebrates the best creations within the modding and indie gaming scene. Developers have delivered plenty of great gameplay experiences this year, and now it is our turn as gamers to nominate and recognize the best of 2009.

From now until Feb 20th, we shall be sharing a year in review and showcasing the editors' picks of 2009, culminating in the announcement of this year's best mod and game as voted by you. The top mods and games will win the honors of being placed alongside other projects that have gone on to become commercial successes and cement their place in ModDB's hall of fame. And to the winner goes the spoils; ModDB has teamed up with a whole lineup of sponsors that have provided prizes ranging from software to servers to beanbags. Everything to help budding developers excel at their craft.

CVSDudeNuclear Fallout3D TotalMixamo
SUMONoesis InteractiveHourencesDesura

A lot of effort goes into making the Mod of the Year Awards come to life. Thanks to the following 2009 Awards Sponsors, prizes, press coverage, development tips, multimedia and more shall be coming your way. If you would like to discuss becoming a sponsor and supporting tomorrows professional game developers, contact us for information.


CVSDude www.cvsdude.com, a pioneer in web-based source code management solutions, has provided reliable, web-based software revision control since 2002. With more than 60,000 users in more than 66 countries worldwide, CVSDude has enabled its customers to effectively collaborate, manage and deploy the world's most complex open-source and commercial software applications including Bugzilla, Trac and Subversion.


At Sumo www.sumolounge.com our philosophy is simple. We believe in your comfort. Sumo bean bags and bean bag chairs are built with high quality rip-proof material that's very durable and easy to clean. Our bean bag chairs are designed for an urban lifestyle and provide a stylish alternative to boring furniture. All of our bean bags and bean bag chairs come in a range of colors, styles and sizes - perfect for any room. When it comes to interior design, the versatility of bean bag chairs makes them an indispensable element as the main feature in living rooms of modern homes and they are damn comfy too.


Mixamo www.mixamo.com is an innovative online 3D character animation service for 3D professionals with world-renowned expertise in the 3D character and animation domain. By leveraging cutting-edge research directly from Stanford University, Mixamo aims to truly evolve the 3D character creation and animation processes to previously unattainable levels. This technology enables both new and seasoned 3D professionals in the video game, virtual world, 3D design/architecture, and virtual goods markets to create the highest-quality character motion possible, now up to five times faster and three times more cost effectively. Our exciting and disruptive advancement over traditional processes such as keyframe animation and motion-capture increases 3D professionals’ productivity by five-fold and is up to three times more cost effective.

Noesis Interactive

Since its inception in 2005, Noesis www.noesisinteractive.com has focused on enabling video gamers to build their own games through its results oriented video-based training and academic instructional materials. Noesis currently supports 3D application platforms including Autodesk’s Softimage, Maya and 3DsMax, and game development platforms from Valve Corporation and Unity. For more information about Noesis Interactive visit www.noesisinteractive.com.

3D Total

3DTotal www.3dtotal.com originally started in 1999 as a project, by Tom Greenway, to make a simple 3D resource site. In July 2001, 3DTotal released Version 2 of the 3DTotal website, and so began the ever-growth of the 3DTotal website, team and products. 3DTotal now experiences 50,000 daily visitors through the website, and have an impressive collection of 16 Total Textures DVDs, 3 'Digital Art Masters' volumes (books), as well as producing both organic and non-organic training DVDs, 'Shorts Drawer' DVD collections, and the ever-popular monthly downloadable PDF magazines: 2DArtist www.2dartistmag.com and 3DCreative www.3dcreativemag.com. The team now consists of 8 core staff, plus freelancers from around the world, who together keep the site jam-packed with up-to-date content and products, and provide a friendly customer service, too. 3DTotal is currently working on plans to improve the website and add many additional features so stay tuned to see the continued growth of 3DTotal and enjoy all that is to come from the 3DTotal team! For the time being, you'll find plenty of enjoyment from their collection of model libraries, galleries, interviews, tutorials and products - not to mention the new free texture and image reference library freetextures.3dtotal.com - from a company that has now been established for ten happy years.


NuclearFallout Enterprises, Inc. www.nfoservers.com is a premium US game server provider that aims to rent out the highest possible performance game servers at the lowest possible cost, while at the same time offering outstanding service and making available powerful additional features.


Desura www.indiedb.com is a digital distribution service for gamers, putting the best games, mods and downloadable content at your fingertips and ready to play. Created by the team behind ModDB, Desura differentiates itself from other digitial distribution services, via its "development driven and community run" mantra. For developers, Desura provides a platform for you to disitribute your game or mod to many, gives you control of the content you publish, and has an API and cloud service you can tap into, to provide accolades and other functionality to your players. For gamers, Desura is an end-to-end game download and install service, which manages your game and downloadable content collection for you, applying automatic patches as required. Desura is also community run meaning as a gamer, you can post reviews, images and send content directly to the developers of the games you follow.