Welcome to the 7th Annual Mod of the Year Awards - the premiere event that celebrates the best creations within the modding and indie gaming scene. Developers have poured their blood, sweat and tears into creating new gameplay experiences that truly "change the game". Now its time for the gamers to voice
their opinions and select their top picks of the year.

**Presenting the 2008 Winners**

From now until Feb 28th, the MOTY will present to you the cream of the crop for 2008 as voted by the public. The top mods and games will win the honors of being placed alongside other projects that have gone on to become commercial successes and cement their place in ModDB's hall of fame. And to the winner goes the spoils; ModDB has teamed up with a whole lineup of sponsors that have provided prizes ranging from software to servers to commercial engines. Everything to help budding developers excel at their craft.


What a year it has been for modding and indie games. For the first time 5 mods were released on Steam with each now boasting thousands of simultaneous online players. Black Mesa may still be unreleased, but its trailer went viral, racking up half a million views in 1 day. Indie games like Audiosurf (PC) and flOw (PS3) have hit the top sellers list. The reach and significance of your efforts as game developers is greater now than ever, so join us as we present the 2008 Mod of the Year.

Update: The winners have been announced.

The Awards

Phase 1: Nominations

During January 2009 every indie game and mod on the site has a voting booth activated in their profile. It is now up to you, to find your favorites, play them and vote for them - so we can narrow thousands of contenders down to the players choice top 100...

Phase 2: Top 100

On January 17th the Top 100 mods and indie games you voted for in phase 1 will be announced and a second round of voting will commence until February 5th. Again, it is up to you, to vote for your top 3 in this list - so we can narrow the top 100 down to a handful of winners...

Phase 3: Winners Showcase

At the end of February after thousands of votes have been tallied, we shall be announcing the 2008 Players and Editors Choice winners. These indie games and mods will be showcased in an exclusive video presentation and editorial writeup. Download links will be given so you can play the years best.

The Sponsors

Garagegames Sponsor3D TotalGood old Games SponsorNuclearFallout Game ServersHourences Level DesignNoesis Interactive Sponsor

The Winners

Picking a winner from 4,700 mods and 300 indie games all of which are built on different game engines, platforms, genres and themes is no easy feat. We know everyones tastes differ and we can only recognize the efforts of so many. So if you want your favorite to win remember EVERY VOTE COUNTS (last years results were incredibly tight). We've got graphics and embed code to help you get your friends and fellow gamers voting and playing the great mods and indie games on offer. The award categories this year are:

The Prizes

The ultimate honor is claiming the 2008 Mod of the Year Trophy and joining an elusive lineup of past winners. Last years winner Insurgency is on Steam and being played by thousands right now. Winners before that including Garrys Mod, Red Orchestra and Natural Selection are now commerical success stories. In addition to the recognition being a MOTY finalist will bring your project, this year thanks to a lineup of sponsors, we have a bigger selection of prizes to give away. We've got DVDs, magazines, engine licences and game servers for you.

2008 Mod of the Year Prizes

The Rules

The following are basic rules which apply to all participating teams. Read on for the full legal terms.

  • All active mods and indie games will show a "voting area" in their profile.
  • The top 100 is determined by "quality" of vote. For example a vote
    from a long time member is worth more than a new members
    vote which is again worth more than a guests vote.
  • In phase 1, all visitors of Mod DB can nominate as
    many mods as they want to appear in the top 100.
  • In phase 2, all visitors get to pick their top 3 mods
    and games from the top 100 list.
  • Any mod / indie game can make the top 100 except
    for mods / indie games released in previous years which
    have not released a significant update in 2008.
  • No mod / indie game can win in the same category twice.
    Eg. a mod cannot win "best unreleased" two years in a
    row, only a honorable mention will be given in this situation.
  • Exceptions to the above rule maybe granted on request by
    the Mod DB. Eg. if your mod moves from v1 to v2 and it is a
    total overhaul, we reserve the right to make it eligible again.
  • Any attempt to game the system and falsely inflate your vote
    count will result in an immediate disqualification. We will be analyzing
    all votes and will contact mod teams if we detect suspicious activity.
  • Prize distribution will be controlled by Mod DB. All decisions in this regard are final.
  • All mod / indie games must have an active contact as the profile leader who updates their profile
    on a regular basis to be eligible.
  • Read on for the full legal terms.