Mod of the Year 2007

Welcome to Mod DB and the 6th Annual Mod of the Year Awards - the definative event that showcases the best mods and indie games in the world and recognizes the teams behind them. The MOTY is a tribute to the creativity, dedication & hard work independent developers put into creating unique gaming experiences that enable us to "play something different".

Over the coming months we will showcase to you the best mods and games in the industry. You vote for those you believe are worthy of recognition. At the top of this program sits the ultimate prize, the mod of the year award won previously by Natural Selection, Red Orchestra, PoE2 and Garry's Mod. Thanks to our sponsors, this year we have a few surprizes up our sleaves not to mention a slew of prizes for the participating teams.

From Dec 1st to Jan 1st, industry professionals, developers, gamers and the general public cast their votes to decide which mods define the cutting edge of interactive entertainment and which mod teams attain gaming celebrity.

Follow the links to join us on an unforgettable journey as we present the 2007 Mod of the Year.

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Awards Structure

The 2007 Mod of the Year Awards will once again recognize the finest game modifications in the world, while offering both interactive and static content to showcase the work of these dedicated and talented individuals. Your votes will decide the outcome.

Phase 1 Nominations

Runs from December 1st - December 20th

  • Gamers nominate their favorite mods for awards
  • 15th December the field is narrowed from 4,000 mods to the Top 100

Phase 2 Finals

Runs from December 20th - January 1st

  • Voters will select their 3 favorites from the Top 100
  • We have a surprize for the Top 100 showcase
  • 1st January voting closes
  • 29th January players choice winners announced
  • 29th January editors choice winners announced

What's at stake?

To reward the developers that provided us with thousands of hours of entertainment, we're giving away the best gaming rigs in the world from Alienware, computer accessories from Logitech, cash prizes for the best teams not to mention a few more exciting surprizes for the top 100 mods. Doing well in the Mod of the Year is a big deal, after all 3 past winners have gone on to commercialize their creations with great success. Read on for more prize details.

Award Categories

The Mod DB lists 4,000 mods and 150 indie games, all of which originate from many different games, platforms, genres and types. We know everyones tastes are different whether you like single player games, horror games, first person shooters or play exclusively HL2 mods. We work hard to cater to all tastes but doing so is like building a house out of straw (just ask mr.piggy how that turned out). At the end of the day we can only recognize the efforts of so many, we've tried something a little different in 2007 thanks to our communities feedback, so here is the 2007 list:

Mod of the Year Players Choice

  • Top 5 Released Mods
  • Top 5 Unreleased Mods
  • Top 5 Indie Games

Mod of the Year Editors Choice


The following are basic rules which apply to all participating teams. Read on for the full legal terms.

  • All active mods and indie games will show a "voting area" in their profile.
  • Any mod / indie game can make the top 100 (except for mods / indie games released in previous years which have not released a significant new version in 2007), however no mod / game can win in the same category twice. For example a mod cannot win "best unreleased" two years in a row, only a honorable mention will be given in this situation.
  • Exceptions to the above rule maybe granted on request by the Mod DB. For example if your mod moves from v1 to v2 and it is a total overhaul, we reserve the right to make it eligible again.
  • Furthermore, significant development progress must have been made in 2007 for a mod / game to be eligible to win a category. For example, mods and games made in previous years which have not been updated can only win a honorable mention in 2007.
  • Console indie games shall be eligible to win prizes in the 2007 awards provided at least 10 make the final top 100 cut
  • In phase 1, all members and guests of the Mod DB can nominate as many mods as they want to appear in the top 100.
  • In phase 2, all members and guests get to pick their top 3 mods and games from the top 100 list.
  • Any attempt to game the system and falsely inflate your votes count will result in an immediate disqualification. We will be analyzing all votes and will contact mod teams if we detect suspicious activity.
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2007 Mod of the Year Awards
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