Follow the story of Maia, a young woman who awakens with strange abilities. Journey through laboratories, forests and city ruins as you discover the mysteries and origins of her powers.

In the year 2118, mankind developed the technology of interstellar travel. Following this discovery, missions were planned to explore Alpha Centauri, the nearest solar system. Over the next several decades, a mining station was built on Tauria, the moon of a planet in Alpha Centauri which is habitable. 60 years later, starships routinely travel between Earth and Tauria.

On Earth, the majority of Europe has unified into a single nation known as The Union. This nation is governed by the GCA, the Government Control Agency. A branch of this organization is responsible for all research on Tauria. They have labs on Tauria as well as on Earth where many secret studies are undertaken.

The story of Wraithmind features many characters, three of which are playable. When you start the game you will only control one character, but as you progress through the story, other characters will join your journey.

Wraithmind is a turn-based science fiction RPG. Featuring four to five hours of gameplay, the game will take you through several different areas each with their own story, enemies and characters. You control one character as you progress through the different areas. When you encounter characters or objects, you can interact with them and in some cases you can pick up items.

As you progress through the story, you will encounter various kinds of enemies. When you collide with an enemy on the map, the game will change to another scene where you can see all of your characters and all of the enemies you must fight. Every character and enemy performs an action one at a time. When it is the turn of a character to perform an action, you must select which action to perform and the target for that action. Enemies select their action and target automatically. Once all enemies have been defeated, you are taken back outside the battle scene.

When you defeat enemies in battle, your characters will gain skill points. These points can then be used to increase talents of each character. Talents allow you to decide how your characters will become stronger.

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It's hard to believe that almost 10 months have passed since Wraithmind was released! Things have been mostly quiet since then, but I am still working on updates and fixes now and then. I just recently released version 1.3 which optimizes a few things and fixes several issues.

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In anticipation for the one year anniversary of the release of Wraithmind, I have decided to lower the price of the game. I always intended to lower the price after a certain amount of time to ensure that the game can reach more players.

If you're interested in playing Wraithmind, you can purchase it on Steam here:

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I have also started work on my next project which will use the same base code as Wraithmind. This means that even as I work on a new game, any bug fixes or improvements will also be ported over to Wraithmind. I am not yet ready to announce what my next project is, but you can expect to hear more about it soon!

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As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas do not hesitate to share them! Thanks again to everyone who has supported Wraithmind!

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Wraithmind is now available in Early Access!

Wraithmind is now available in Early Access!


Wraithmind is now available in Early Access on Steam! The first chapter (out of 3) is fully playable and the remaining chapters will be released in the...


It was a really amazing one, i hope you will make it become really better, more skills)))

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tekogames Creator

Thanks for making a gameplay video of my game! By the way, the boss at the end can be defeated. It's a bit difficult though. A small hint: if you use the energy blast twice, something will happen.

I have taken a few notes from watching your gameplay video. I will change a few things to improve the gameplay such as adding an auto-save and the game will re-load the auto-save when you are defeated instead of bringing you back to the main menu.

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Turn-based sci-fi RPG? Sign me up!

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Wraithmind is now available in Early Access! The current version contains the first chapter of the game, and the re…

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