World of Rothax is a j rpg styled game, where you play a balance keeper who have lost his power and trying to save the world. You are able to explore a world and its dungeons, it will have multiple endings and your choices will effect the endings. You will be able to choose between 4 classes and the loot will be changed on what kind of class you play. And most important is the players experince!

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Demo Patch


We saw that I have missed fixing some things before I
uploaded the demo, so I made a patch for the demo and it's now getting
uploaded. Also I have worked on the first big dungeon and going up down, which
means it got floor 5 (boos room), 4 and 3. We will also make an intro movie
with the backstory to this game and a lot more since I’m filled with ideas for
the game that I want to implement into this one. Also all feedback that you
think about the game is welcome, and it will also help us to develop the game
you wants. So would you like to be able to choose male or female starting
character? Or maybe more quests in the first town? Anything is possible to do
right now, since this game is still in alpha and in development.

Who we are, well we are two guys from Sweden and both
like Anime and games, especially me. I’m a cosplayer, big fan of the FF fancies
and anime and manga. So I have always dreamt about making a J-RPG game. So I
bought RPG MAKER VX ACE and it’s probably the best thing I ever bought. Since
it’s simple to use I can build this game faster than if I did it myself. So
hopefully you all liked the demo and want to play the full version and help me
make this game.

Well this is our first news update, and I don’t like
the news content limit of 300 words since often my updates won’t consist of
more than 100 words. So if I will just rumble on about random stuff in the news
update if we don’t have a major update for you to read that consists more than
300 words^^

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World of Rothax Demo

World of Rothax Demo


1:Download the World of Rothax Demo.exe. 2:Extract to a place on your pc of your choice. 3:Click on game.exe 4:enjoy the demo. optional: press alt + enter...

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