Whack-A-Dungeon is an extremely fast paced dungeon crawler that mashes up elements from Diablo and Whac-A-Mole. Kill monsters, touch, loot ton of gold, destroy barrels, touch, fight bosses, touch again and touch some more!

Cool stuffs:

  • A great mix of arcade and rogue-like elements
  • Pure old-school skill intensive gameplay
  • Phat lootz :)

The game has been in development with some low and high since 2013. Want the latest news? Follow WhackADungeon.

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So after 1 year Whack-A-Dungeon development is back and stronger than ever!

First thing I focused on is making the game work on iPhone. Previous version was not humanly playable on such a small screen and this is something I felt needed to be fixed. Needless to say I had to cut many things, the UI layout has been redone and the grid size has been reduced to 3x3. Although still rough I'm pleased with the result and the feeling of playing Whack-A-Dungeon on a phone.

In terms of gameplay the game is more less at the same stage it was a year ago. Some mechanics have been simplified and the game is slightly more "arcadish" than before. I think I'm better focus than one year ago and feel the game is taking the correct direction now. Currently I'm working on the special powers. More news next time!

Besides tech stuffs I also hired a talented artist to replace Oryx's spritepack. You can see his first sprite (the bull) on the screenshot above.

dev update #2 gameplay preview

dev update #2 gameplay preview


A video previewing the gameplay of Whack-A-Dungeon on iPad. Warning: Alpha footage and spoiler!

dev update #1 fire dungeon

dev update #1 fire dungeon


Here is a small preview of how a fire dungeon looks like. Beware it's freakin' hot!

GrindCrushLLC - - 81 comments

Great concept and look. Would love to play this, especially on mobile. Good luck! Following.

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